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HOT Tip for helping your lashes grow Long.

vanessa evigan

Let me start by saying I may or may not have done some serious damage to my lashes over the last few years. Curling the lashes too much, rubbing my eyes all the time, wearing lashes and being really heavy with the glue, and worst of all, having lash extensions for two years straight. My poor lashes have been through the ringer. I was devastated by the damage the fake lashes had done. I had little nubs for lashes and was in tears. It wasn't until then that I realized how lashes really do make all the difference. Nothing made my lashes look long. I started using something called Lancer Lash as soon as my fake lashes came off. The Lancer lash was absolutely incredible in helping the growth and didn't irritate my eyes at all. I have light eyes so I can't use Latisse. If you have little or no lashes left, you should give it a try. Lancer Lash runs about 100 bucks and you can get it right off Dr. Lancer's website.