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The best eye palette by Too Faced

vanessa evigan

This palette has changed my life.

Makeup is so fun. Well, at least I think it is. Sometimes I don't feel like wearing it though but my face says different. Who wants to buy tons of little eye shadows and lug them around wherever you go. At one point I had a bag just for all my little Mac round eye shadows. Traveling with makeup is a pain in the you know what. Fear no more! I found a palette by Too Faced that is so wonderful. The colors were what stood out to me at first. I had a hard time choosing between all the options. Then I found "Natural Eyes." This one had beautiful light colors with shimmer and then darker colors for a more dramatic look. Some of the colors are mat and some have a shimmer to them. So I bought this perfect travel size pallet that only cost me $36.00 that has nine beautiful colors. This palette can fit perfectly into a small purse it's such a great size. Well, when I got home and opened the pallet up, I was even more excited because there was a little card in it with a bunch of different ways to wear the colors. It was like having my own makeup artist show me how to apply the makeup. There's a morning look, evening look, and glamour look! I highly recommend this palette if you are looking for new shadows. I use the darker colors as my liners too! I have now eliminated almost all my small shadows and am only using this and couldn't be happier. Click the picture below to get one for yourself!!!