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Valentines Day Anyone?

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Flowers? Jewelry? Candy? Pampering products? Valentines Day anyone??


This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx.com on behalf of Simply Summer's Eve.

I use to be the girl who insisted on date night, hoped for flowers and a great gift but never made a stink about it, and always got dressed up to the T for Valentines day. That has changed a lot over the last few years and even more so now that I'm a mom. I would much rather grab a really nice bottle of red wine and chill on the couch with some fantastic takeout and binge watch our favorite show.


Summer's Eve recently conducted a survey on how woman really feel about Valentines day. This survey was conducted by Wakefield Research. They interview 1000 woman 18 years and older. Did you know that survey results found that 62% of woman view getting intimate as a priority on Valentines Day? Millennial's (74%), are especially eager to get it on, compared to older generations. So glad I'm of the older generation (insert laugh cry face). When it comes to the great debate of going out or staying in, a majority of woman (58%) would rather skip the crowds and spend Valentines Day at home chilling out rather than on an extravagant date.


I must say I do love to feel pretty and fresh regardless if I'm home or out and I will be freshening up with my favorite Summer's Eve products, doing my hair and makeup so I look pretty for my husband, and getting out of my pj's but I will most likely be spending the Hallmark Holiday at home in the arms of my husbs and hanging with our little bundle of love, and our dog Dakota. If my husband could give me the perfect gift aside from more diamonds (kidding, kinda) that would include a spa day or anything relaxing along with a bunch of fun pampering products for me to try once our son has gone to bed!

I have been using Summer's Eve products since I was 15 and learned I couldn't use just any soap. I needed a good PH soap because I'm allergic to EVERYTHING. Their products are free from dyes, alcohol, and parabeans, for a gentle clean. They have both cloths and cleansers! I love their cloths for traveling!! I'm excited to share that they have a fantastic promotion running at the moment but you need to act fast because it ends tomorrow!! If you purchase any 2 Summer's Eve products, get a FREE beauty treatment or Fitness Experience. Find out more about the special offer by clicking HERE. This may include but is not limited to manicure, pedicure, blowout, hair style, haircut, yoga, gym class, pilates class, nutritional consultation, Zumba class, or personal training!!


If you are in a jam and forgot Valentine's Day is only two days away, this could be a cute basket idea along with the gift of pampering!!

Breakfast Bars & Bullet Proof Coffee!

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Cold weather can feel so discouraging for me because the last thing I want to do is get outside and be active when it's snowing. I have been spending a lot of time inside the last few weeks finding new recipes and baking.

I was on a mission to increase my breast milk supply and I found a recipe that has helped a LOT!

I'm so excited to share with you these incredibly yummy and easy and quick breakfast bars that I have been keeping in the fridge. If you are breastfeeding you will want to be sure and get on this asap as long as you don't have an allergy to peanuts! 

Oats have been known to help with milk supply and I am proof that oats work. I was really worried that my milk was running out. I have been keeping Maverick on my boob all day long because supply and demand is one of the top ways to increase the supply so I hear. I did all sorts of research and tried a bunch of different things that didn't really work. When I started eating a lot of oats, the milk came! I was so sick of oatmeal and putting oats on my yogurt. I wanted to find a tasty way to keep oats in the fridge so I could eat them all day long!

These breakfast bars have been what I am snacking on all through the day. I dream about them they are so good. I have a good size bar for breakfast along with my eggs. They take maybe 7 minutes to make and there is no baking required! And they are healthy!

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 8.03.37 AM.png


1 Cup all natural no sugar added creamy peanut butter I LIKE THIS ONE

1/2 Cup Honey

3 Cups old fashion organic quick oats I LIKE THIS ONE

1 1/2 teaspoon Cinnamon


1. Melt the peanut butter and honey together on stove top at medium heat for about a minute or until ingredients becomes smooth. If you are using a microwave, cook for 30 seconds then stir then cook again for 30 more seconds. Combine oats and cinnamon with warm peanut butter and honey mixture. Stir well until ingredients becomes thick.

2. Spoon into a 9x9 no stick pan and press into pan. Let it sit in the refrigerator for 30 minutes before eating!


Be sure you get quick oats! Bars become soft at room temp so I recommend keeping them in the refrigerator.

If you want to add natural dark chocolate to your bars add 1/2 cup dark chocolate pieces to your peanut butter and honey mix and stir until all chocolate chips are melted and continue with next steps above!

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 8.03.18 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 8.38.31 AM.png

Nothing goes better with breakfast bars than a frothy latte. I had been hearing about bullet proof coffee for years now and all the health benefits that go along with it (some more info on it here) but for some reason I had not tried it until today. Friends..... life changing. I mean I had one sip and my lips did a happy dance. It's been about three hours since I had it and I have not had a crash yet. I usually get a lot of energy after I drink my coffee in the morning and then about 30 minutes to 1 hour later I crash hard and feel like I need another cup. I was told the way the bullet proof coffee works allows your body to process the caffeine different and you don't have a crash and don't need another cup, although you will want one because it tastes so darn good. 

If you are a person who likes to skip breakfast this is really for you! I love breakfast and still believe after all the different fads that have come and gone, that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Some people just can't do breakfast in the morning but will have a cup of coffee  on an empty stomach. Talk about a nice way to burn a whole in your tummy! ALl that acid! Yikes! Bullet proof coffee is a wonderful addition to your life and gets your metabolism going and will help coat your tummy if you don't eat!

Here is how I made mine this morning. I added a few other things to mine. There are all different ways to make it. The recipe I found called for MCT oil which I don't have but will be purchasing.  I used coconut oil instead. You can find the oil at the bullet proof coffee site HERE. Here is how I made mine this morning.


1 tbsp organic virgin coconut oil

2 tbsp Kerrygold butter

12 oz coffee

2 dashes of cinnamon

1 teaspoon honey


1. Brew a cup of coffee using any brewing method you like. I grind my beans and then do a slow drip and made mine fairly strong.

2. Add butter, oil, coffee, honey, and cinnamon to blender. Blend on high for 30 seconds and ENJOY!

I am so excited to see how you like yours after you make it! Please let me know!!


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Lean Clean Green Babbleboxx Roundup

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Being a new mom is the most wonderful experience in the world. It's been a game changer in all areas of my life, including my personal hygiene. I'm sure if you are a mother and reading this you know what I mean when I say that! I have a lot less time to worry about myself and take care of me.

I love getting products sent to me to try, especially if they have to do with health and body. I feel like I don't have the time to take care of me as much as I use to now that I have a son who is my top priority. I was recently sent a box from Babbleboxx. They sent me a box of clean green goodies to try and review. It was like Christmas morning when I opened the box. Over the last few weeks I have been using all the products and wanted to share what they sent and how much I love all the products. I will let you know, this is a sponsored post but everything I write is how I feel about the products and I don't review a product unless I have been using it for at least two weeks. I don't promote a product I don't believe in either. Here is my roundup on the Lean Clean Green Babbleboxx I recieved!

The Waterpik: PowerPulse Massage Shower Head + YAT 963 Chrome PowerSpray + Hand Held Shower Head


My husband and I have been really unhappy with our shower head that came with our home and I haven't had the chance to get out and grab a new one because I wouldn't even know where to begin. I was recently given the Waterpik powerpulse massage shower head + Chrome PowerSpray + Hand Held Shower Head to try and let me tell you we LOVE it. The main issue we were having with out previous shower head is it did not have enough water pressure, now with our waterpik shower head, we not only have a lot more force in our shower, we have a shower head with a shower massage which I'm really loving. The hand held shower head has 9 different spray setting options and the shower head has 2x the power of other shower heads that are on the market!!


We love the handheld so we can wash our dog and it has come in handy giving our son quick showers! We didn't realize how much we missed that when we moved. It's easy to install and looks nice in our shower! My husband has finally stopped complaining about the water pressure not being strong enough and I no longer need to take super long showers to get all the shampoo and conditioner out of my hair, what mother has time to take anything longer than a 5 minute shower anyways! To find out more about this product you can learn about the shower head  HERE and learn about the hand held HERE.


CW Hemp : Hemp infused oil, cream, and balm


I'm a big stickler for non-gmo, gluten free, cruelty free, and PBA-free products. It is SO hard to find a product that meets all of these so I was happy to find Charlotte's Web products because they do. I was very excited to try these products because of this. Not only have these products made a difference on my skin, they smell divine. Hemp extract is so good for your skin and I'm all about safety when it comes to wellness so using safe products is very important to me. The Charlotte's Web balm smells so good I could breath it in all day long. I like putting a dab of it under my nose and I put a little on my sons chest recently when he was stuffed up to help him breath better. It feels great when I rub it on my sore spots which is basically my entire body being a new mother. The Hemp infused cream is wonderful. It soaks into my hands immediately. The cream smells minty and has been helpful this winter since my hands and feet are extremely dry. It soothes and leaves my hands very soft. I have yet to try the Everyday Plus infused oil in mint chocolate because I'm still breastfeeding but my husband tried it and loved it. I can not wait to taste it once the babe is off the boob. To learn more about the products visit CW Hemp HERE. Use my discount BABBOXIMAHVSKQBQUY code for 10% off. This offer expires February 15, 2018. 

Casio: G-Shock S Series Step Tracker (GMAS 130)


Being a new mother has had me off my exercise routine for a long time now. I'm running around like a crazy woman half the day but that doesn't mean I'm getting the proper amount of exerciser for my own good. I have learned I'm not getting enough steps in thanks to my new step tracker. I was a tad sad to find out I was seriously lacking in that department but I'm happy to have this awesome woman's timepiece to help get me back on track. I really like the way it looks too. It's a watch and tracks my steps. It has a light on it that I love because I never know what time it is now that I don't ever know where my phone is.


I breastfeed at night a lot and don't have a clue so this has been helpful as well. The G-Shock is water resistant so I can use it while giving my little munchkin a bath and it's shock resistant so I can run my arm into the changing table all day and not worry about it breaking! It kinda shields my wrist from getting whacked! Hahahahah. The watch is affordable for all it has to offer! Learn more about the G-Shock S Series Step Tracker  HERE.

The Synergy Company: Organic Matcha Power


I think it was my sister who first got me into Matcha years ago. I was drinking matcha lattes and teas and then let years go by where I wasn't having them only because I forgot. It's really hard to take the time to make a latte as a new mother but I still want the benefits of matcha. Pure Synergy has my cure and it's so easy! Organic Matcha Power is in capsule form and gets the trick done with a gulp of water instead of the hassle of a latte! I'm really excited about the organic matcha power which is packed with organic vitamins and the most beneficial form of Japanese green tea. My memory has left me since I became a mother and matcha has been linked to memory support, cell protection, and a whole lot of other health benefits. Oh did I mention it helps with weight management? Yup! God knows I could use that right now! Learn more about The Synergy Company HERE.


If you have time to make a Matcha latte at some point in your life, which I highly suggest because they are so yummy and so healthy, this is how you make one! (Recipe below) The company also offers a powder form of Matcha! I highly recommend getting both the capsules and the powder! If you want the health benefits quick and fast and don't have time for a latte make sure to get the capsules.

Try This Recipe:

3/4 cup unsweetened vanilla coconut milk, almond milk, or regular milk (I love coconut milk)

1 teaspoon Matcha powder

Agave syrup to taste

  • Bring 3/4 cup unsweetened almond milk, soy milk, rice milk, or cow's milk to a bare simmer in a small pot over medium-high heat.

  • Place 1 teaspoon matcha powder in a heatproof cup. Slowly whisk in 1/4 cup boiling water, then almond milk, tipping cup slightly to help create more foam. Sweeten with agave syrup.

Primal Life Organics: All Natural Peppermint Toothpowder and Charcoal Ion Toothbrush


Well this couldn't have come at a better time. I swear on my left foot that I was JUST looking at my teeth before I was sent this package and thinking how I have to bleach my teeth they look GOD AWFUL they are so yellow. I have upped my coffee intake since Maverick came along and my teeth are paying the price. I swear to you the first time I used the charcoal ion toothbrush


I noticed my teeth were whiter. I had heard about charcoal working to help whiten teeth but I didn't believe it until I tried this. I love that the all natural toothbrush which is infused with charcoal, binds and removes stains so I don't have to put a bunch of charcoal in my mouth and brush! I could just picture myself with a mouth full of charcoal praying I don't swallow it.  No mess and easy to use. The product detoxifies and also strengthens the teeth! The brush is so cute too. It's a wooden looking handle with black bristles. This makes dental care so much more fun!  You can recieve 20% off by using my discount code PLOBOXX217. Visit them HERE to get yours and find out more about the company and the products!

All the opinions expressed above are my own. I want to take a moment to thank Babbleboxx for sending me all of these products. I truly enjoyed trying everything and would buy all these products had they not been sent to me! #BBoxxLCG2018




Get My Quick & Easy Makeup Glow

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IMG_3103 2.JPG

Makeup is so fun but having a little one I have found I don't really have time to get dolled up like I use to. I still need to put makeup on before I leave the house mostly because I feel prettier with a little color on my face but I want something quick and easy. Something I could even attempt if my son is in my arms.

During my ski trip I was messaged a lot about what makeup I was wearing that gave me the glow I had in my Instagram stories! I would be totally lying to you if I said it was all my skin. I used a filter that Instagram offered but in all honesty, my skin was really looking the same without the filter and I have to thank my makeup for that. The beauty drops help give the opal glow and my coverup is an amazing full coverage that goes on looking like you don't have makeup on.  If you don't like a dewy look, this is not for you. I love dew and most the makeup I wear has shimmer in it and is dewy to keep me hydrated.

What I'm using:


I use two products mixed together on my face and then a under eye coverup and a little bronzer and I'm out! Oh and some mascara if I can remember!! Here is what I'm using that is making my skin glow and keeping me protected from the sun and hydrated!

I like to put moisturizer on before I do anything and my favorite that I have been using for years and years that I always go back to even if I try something new is Embryolisse Lait- Creme. It is the best ever!!! I use it morning and night. Demi Moore and her beautiful daughter Rumer Willis were using it when my sister worked with Rumer and got my sis hooked then I got hooked!

The two products I use on my face: It Cosmetics CC cream (I use light) and I mix with a drop of Cover FX Custom Enhance Drops in Celestial.

I blend with this beauty brush HERE

My under eye coverup is Bye Bye Under Eye by It Cosmetics and I use the color medium. I find the light to be way too light.

I use Hoola by Benefit for my bronzer and after I put it on I blend again with my foundation brush for a more natural look.


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Skinny Jeans with holes /   skinny jeans without holes



Getting Healthy After The Holidays

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The holidays are here and that means overloading on food, at least that's how we do it around here. Thanksgiving is basically an all day eating fest with so much unhealthy food and then everyone just lays around in a food coma the rest of the day and into the night and then we eat again. I like to give my body a little prep a day or two before and eat super light and healthy so I don't feel as bad about myself. Taking lots of walks and trying to get back into meditation is top of my list along with eating better. Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone we have a little time before the next round of holiday fun.


After Thanksgiving I try and do a week of really healthy eating where I supplement a meal or two with a super healthy smoothie that is packed with nutrients. Then I do it all over again for Christmas and New Year. I'm trying to have a smoothie every other morning to add some hidden nutrients in like spinach before I start my day. Here are some of my favorite smoothie recipes. Some are great detox recipes and others are a perfect meal supplement.

I have been trying different protein mixes and found 310 Nutrition and have been really enjoying the vanilla flavor. I mix it in a lot of my smoothies for protein and vitamins! Use my code "310flow" at checkout for free shipping.

Screen Shot 2017-11-25 at 5.13.39 PM.png

Citrus Green Breakfast Smoothies

1 cup unsweetened coconut milk or almond milk

2 cups spinach

1/2 avocado

1/2 lemon with the skin on

1/2 green apple or red

1 tablespoon flax-seed

1 tablespoon honey

1/2 cucumber

1/2 cup ice

1/3 cup mint leaves

Blend well and enjoy!

Screen Shot 2017-11-25 at 5.21.01 PM.png

Creamy Vanilla Peanut butter Joy

1 cup unsweetened vanilla coconut milk

1 scoop 310 vanilla protein powder

1/2 teaspoon cocoa powder

1/2 frozen banana

1 teaspoon creamy peanut butter or 2 tablespoons powdered peanut tbutter

1/2 cup ice

Blend & enjoy

If you want to do this for breakfast try adding a shot of espresso

Screen Shot 2017-11-25 at 5.26.56 PM.png

Breakfast In A Cup

1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla coconut milk

1 scoop 310 vanilla protein powder

2 shots espresso

1/2 cup 1 minute oats

1 cup spinach

2 tablespoons peanut butter

1 teaspoon flax seed

Screen Shot 2017-11-25 at 5.33.34 PM.png

Apple Cinnamon Smoothie

  • 1 cup unsweetened vanilla coconut milk
  • 2 apples seeded, peeled and diced ( I used granny smith)
  • ½ cup gluten free 1 minute oatmeal
  • ¼ teaspoon cinnamon
  • ½ cup plain yogurt ( I used Greek yogurt or coconut yogurt)
  • 1 frozen bananas
  • 1 cups ice or 1 more frozen banana

Healthy Morning Chocolate Breakfast Smoothie

  • 1/2 C Quaker Gluten Free Quick 1-Minute Oats
  • 1 C ice cubes
  • 1 C 1% milk or unsweetened coconut milk**
  • 2 Tbsp natural peanut butter or peanut butter powder*
  • 1 Tbsp cocoa powder
  • 1 cup spinach
  • 1 Tbsp honey (or to taste)
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract

Blend and enjoy!!

Screen Shot 2017-11-25 at 5.14.00 PM.png

Detox Green Smoothie

1 cup coconut water

1 cup spinach

1 cup romaine leaves

1/2 cup chopped cucumber

1/2 cup celery

1 small pear cored and chopped

1 frozen banana chopped

1 tablespoon fresh mint

1/2 lemon with skin

1/2 tablespoon chia seeds

pinch of cayenne

pinch of cinnamon

pinch of turmeric

Try to use all organic ingredients

Blend well and enjoy!


Tip: Try freezing your coconut milk or almond milk in ice cube trays and use these instead of ice so your drink is less watery. Using iced coconut milk or almond milk makes for a creamier smoothie!

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Cape .... My cape was last season Free People but I have linked a cape robe I own and LOVE that is similar

Boots ... My boots are 7 years old and were Charlie 1 Horse by Lucchese and I can't find them anywhere but I linked a pair of Freebird boots I love that are similar!


Ways To Dress Your Favorite Fall Sweater

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Hey yall! Happy Holiday time! How freaking excited are you for this time of year? I love Thanksgiving and Christmas more than any other holidays around. Sitting by the fire and getting bundled up drinking hot chocolate or hot toddy's and watching holiday movies is the best. 

I also absolutely love the holidays because it means dressing up in cozy sweaters, scarfs, and boots.

I always find myself falling in love with tons of different sweaters that I see other people wearing and then I only end up wearing one or two of them on repeat. I wanted to show you different ways to wear your favorite sweater so you don't feel like you are wearing the same thing every day!

Scarfs can run you a lot less $$$ than a great sweater. Find that favorite sweater that you can't live without. You can shop my favorites throughout this post! Shop my blue scarf from above HERE.

So this sweater with bell arms is my all time favorite and it's only $39. I mean look at how incredible the arms are on this thing!!! This sweater comes in about 5 different colors too!


I have it in blue (shown above) and rust (shown below). I'm gonna show you how I wore it 3 days in a row with different scarfs, jeans, and hats to change it up.


Here I'm wearing the rust sweater with my all time favorite flare black jeans (shown above in pic with blue sweater) that are so perfect for new mommy's. They are high rise, stretchy, and so flattering. They make my legs look longer than they are! This look is simple, I pulled a scarf I have had in my closet for a few years that has similar tones it it. I wore black slipper loafers that have fur on them to keep it casual.  This scarf came from Aritzia a few years ago. Shop the jeans HERE. Shop the sweater HERE. Shop the loafers HERE. Shop a similar scarf HERE.


Here I'm wearing the rust sweater with a more colorful scarf that has a lot of similar tones as the sweater. I'm wearing it with high rise flare blue jeans. These are the same jeans as my black flares but with a zipper instead of all button up. Same exact fit. Stretchy and so comfy. I wore this look with a pair of my favorite mules. Shop the jeans HERE. Shop the sweater HERE. Shop a similar scarf HERE. Shop the mules HERE.


This last look I'm wearing the rust sweater with a plaid favorite scarf, the high wasted flare jeans, and one of my go to hats. I love hats because they totally change a look and they hide my dirty mom hair. I paired this look with a cute pair of my favorite booties to give the look a more rustic hipster, carefree vibe. Shop the sweater HERE. Shop the jeans HERE. Shop the scarf HERE. Shop the hat HERE. Shop the booties HERE.



Be sure to have at least 3 or 4 different scarfs you love to mix and match on hand. I find it super flattering to wear layers of similar colors. If you have a blue sweater, finding a scarf with blue tones. It's very appealing to the eye.

You can also go for the layered look and do a cute T with a cozy cocoon cardigan and if you feel up for it add a scarf. Rotating the colors of the T-shirts is a great way to wear the same cardigan a few days in a row. Shop my favorite T HERE.


I like to live in the same jeans day after day even though I own more jeans than I know what to do with. I have been trying to step outside of the box a little more these days. Forcing myself to wear different styles every day. I suggest having 3 cute favorites. A cute pair of skinnies in blue denim, boyfriend jeans or flares, and a great pair of black skinnies. I LOVE my new black high rise flares. You can find them HERE. I'm wearing a 27 and they are a little loose. I would size down a size. My favorite boyfriend jeans you can shop HERE.

Confidence is everything. When you feel great in an outfit, it shows. Finding that favorite pair of jeans that makes you feel like a million bucks is key. It isn't always about following the trend but finding the jean that fits your body best and is the most flattering. Once you find that pair, maybe grab it in a different color if it's super flattering. I never felt confident in skinny jeans until I found the skinnies I'm wearing shown above. I'd love to hear from you! Send me messages if you have questions or need any help finding the perfect fit for your body! Happy shopping!!

My Healthy Hair Thanks To Zenagen!

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About two months ago I was sent a package of hair products and to be honest, when I received the box my first thought was.... "Great more products that I will probably never use." I put the box in the corner of my closet and had forgotten about it. I was getting my hair colored a few days later and Lacy who colors my hair at Parlor 3 in Nashville was saying I had a lot of breakage. She recommended an all natural product called Zenagen that she said was like miracle growth. The name sounded so familiar. I realized it's the same product I was sent in the mail that was sitting in my closet. She said "You HAVE to use this stuff." She has a client who's hair was growing like a weed from it and she swears by it.


I couldn't wait to get home and try it. I don't wash my hair very often and I will only rave about a product if I have used it for over two weeks and love it. I have been using this product now for almost two months and I'm noticing a significant difference in the condition of my hair.

My broken hairs are not really noticeable at all anymore and the broken hair all around my hair line has grown out enough to where I don't notice it sticking up like it did when it was freshly broken off. Pregnancy makes everything amazing and then once you have a baby and months go by, hormones drop and life takes a massive toll on the hair and so has my sons firm grip he has recently discovered. He must tear a chunk of hair out a day.

I wanted to be sure I mention that this company did not pay me to talk about their products. They only sent me products to try and didn't even ask me to post about it.

I love these product because they are all natural with not sodium laurel sulfates or chemicals and the products smells wonderful. I'm using the Evolve Treatment which is a shampoo and the Evolve Conditioner after I shampoo. I love them both.

I'm also using the "Boost" thickening volume foam when my hair is wet before I blow dry. I find this to really help lift my roots and make my hair a whole lot fuller looking once I style it.


I wanted to post about the science behind the product so you can get more of an understanding how and why it works so well!


Conquering Hair Loss at its Roots

A staggering 95% of male and female pattern baldness is caused by the same hormone: dihydrotestosterone or “DHT.” This androgen compound is created when the elusive enzyme known as 5-Alpha Ruductase (5-AR) attaches an extra hydrogen molecule to testosterone, a naturally occurring hormone in both sexes. The DHT created by 5-AR builds up at the follicle matrix, shutting off vital blood circulation and causing the hair to wither and die.

The Zenagen Difference

While most hair loss products focused on topical are absorbed and dissipated in the shallow epidermal layer of the scalp, or even worse irritate the scalp and damage the hair, Zenagen’s proprietary compounds target the hair and scalp environment and underlying causes of hair loss. This scalp and hair optimizing technology has significant benefits for targeting hair loss, hair shedding, thinning hair, age related hair loss and other types of hair loss. This is only available in Zenagen which uses natural components not harsh irritants in product chemistry and manufacturing. This product line is developed to be the best way to achieve professional level hair and scalp benefits including improved hair loss, shedding control, and improved scalp soothing and health.

Ingredient Integrity: Nature is Nurture

Zenagen’s innovative nutraceutical formulas embrace the healing, restorative powers of natural ingredients, with absolutely NO SLS, Parabens or Formaldehyde.

Zenagen Revolve Ingredients:

  • Serenoa Repens: This natural fern leaf extract internationally recognized to biochemically inhibit the formation of DHT—the androgen hormone that causes 95% of hair loss in men and women.
  • Melalecua Oil: Used for centuries as a topical remedy for fungal and bacterial infections, Melaleuca oil cleanses buildup of DHT from the follicle matrix and naturally fends off dandruff and other scalp conditions.
  • Brahmi Mocopairi: Derived from an ancient Asian plant, this powerful herbal compound combats the Oxidative Stress Cascade that can lead to increased hair loss.

Zenagen Evolve Ingredients:

  • Ginger Root: Widely known for its wellness and culinary uses, ginger also promotes blood circulation, invigorating follicles for fuller, thicker, faster-growing hair.
  • Vitis Vinifers: Powerful polypeptides from this moisturizing grape vine extract rejuvenate hair follicles and defend against breakage.

Visit Zenagen's website HERE to find out how you can get your hands on this amazing product!

Before There Was Him There Was Us

vanessa evigan

Watching my husband put a dish in the dishwasher has become one of the sexiest things I have ever seen him do. What has my life come to that this turns me on more than anything?

Probably the fact that I'm so exhausted and life begins to feel like groundhogs day. There's a lot more clothes, toys, books, burp pads, blankets, devices to be picked up these days that it seems my love language has changed. It use to be physical touch, and I think it's a close tie but come onnnnnnn, acts of service may have taken the lead since I became a parent. When my husband does the dishes or cooks me breakfast I feel like Maverick may be blessed with a sibling much sooner than we are planning for.

A child is a gift that keeps on giving. A child only knows how to love. If only we could all live like children, that is what the big man upstairs intended for us after all.

Before there was a him.....


There was us.


Without an us, there wouldn't be him.

A dear friend of ours said something recently that really hit home for me. He said "Sometimes me and my sweet wife fall into the habit of living like roommates and that's okay. When we find ourselves going there, we talk to each other about it and acknowledge that's where we're at. We don't try to fix it right away, we make some changes to try and get back to each other." Wow that almost knocked me off my chair. I had been trying to find the words to describe what my relationship with my husband was feeling like because our relationship is by no means bad, it's just very different since we had a baby. Roommate was a perfect description. I had a roommate and it definitely was not my idea of the perfect marriage.

When do you find time to be intimate and connect with your significant other when you have a child? I'm not talking only about physical intimacy, I'm talking about true connection, really seeing each other and hearing each other with no distractions. Bonding and talking about things that matter other than how many poops your child had in one day.

For us it use to be evenings. Evenings now?? Um, by the time I finish getting our son down which consists of a little before bed play time, massaging his feet & tummy with happy baby oil (I swear by it), changing his diaper, conversation time, putting him in his jammies, breast feeding him, then praying he doesn't poop again before he falls asleep which he usually does. Changing him one last time, and then finally rocking him to sleep which sometimes can take a half hour or more. The last thing I want to do is be intimate, let alone talk, I don't even want to watch TV. I'm certainly not the wife that shows up in sexy lingerie and is ready to go after all that. Although that sounds so nice and would make me Wonder Woman, I'm most certainly not a super hero. All I want do do is eat a fat biscuit because I'm always hungry, drink a large glass of water, put on my man-jammies, and have someone rock ME to sleep.

Mornings are hard because we're not usually fully rested and if we magically wake up before our son does, well, that doesn't usually happen, but if it does, we have about a 5 minute window before he wakes up and starts crying.

My husband works all day and is so emotionally drained when he gets home he wants to come in and relax, usually in silence, and I'm ready to talk and have a million questions and want to hang out so we are on complete opposite schedules. By the time he is ready to talk, I'm ready for bed. Finding time for each other is so important and yet feels almost impossible these days. I swore to myself I would always put marriage first but sometimes it does suffer. It's hard to find the balance and put your marriage first when you're a new mom learning how to balance it all or even a mom of two, three, or more doing it all over again! If you are breastfeeding, you are your child's life support those first few months or years, depending on how long you decide to breastfeed. Breastfeeding can feel like it holds you hostage. I'm lucky to have a good milk supply and I know the benefits of breastfeeding so I'm trying to go as long as I possibly can before I go totally insane. I absolutely love breastfeeding and I'm thankful it came easy for me but the not-so-easy part is when baby needs to eat he needs to eat and when boobs get engorged from waiting too long to feed, it can hurt bad and even lead to infection. I will try to snuggle up to my husband and then it seems it's time to feed again. I feel so guilty. If you are reading this have you ever felt those feelings of guilt? I should be giving my husband more attention but I physically just can't right now.

I put so much pressure and so many expectations on myself and my relationship with my husband. I find myself nagging and there are days I can't even control myself. I know what I'm doing and I nag so bad that I can't even stand the sound of my own nagging voice, but still, I don't stop nagging. I'm lucky my husband puts up with me and continues to be a loving husband with the amount of nagging I'm capable of.  Lately it seems I have a massive magnify glass on him when I'm the one who needs to flip that bad-boy around and take a look at my part. I find myself upset and judgmental when most of the time I'm the one who needs to make a change in my thinking and doing.


When I come from a loving place with everything I do, we are better, everything is better. He becomes more loving when I'm loving, and then I'm even more loving, and everyone is happy. If there are things I wish could be a little different or chores I need my husband to take care of for me, I'm learning it's all in my tone of voice and that being a passive aggressive brat DOES NOT WORK. Thankfully I have a husband who is able to bring these kind of things to my attention and say "I would be a whole lot more responsive if you spoke to me in a kind and loving manor instead of just coming at me with all the things I'm not doing right." Wow I feel like a jerk.

My brother reminded me the other day how important it is to understand each others love language and how your love language can change over time. He also reminded me how hard it is for a man if you are constantly being told all the things you are doing wrong instead of getting praised for the things you are doing right. The more praise a man receives, the better he will be with you.

This all hit me like a ton of bricks. I can have a real tone or look on my face when I'm upset or have bottled up frustration. I usually keep in it and then explode all at once.


It's a constant work in progress for me. Trying to come back to us, be kind and loving in all I do. Treat my husband the way I want to be treated. Working hard on this one because it's so easy to be kind for a few days and then slip back into that state of resentment and frustration. Also trying to give myself some grace in it all. Marriage is a choice and it's hard at times but it's also the most beautiful partnership two people can have together. Supporting each other through all the ups and downs and growing together is what it's all about.

Today I am going to be kinder, more loving, forgiving, patient, complimentary, and childlike. If I can practice this daily, first and foremost there will be a much stronger us, and our children will always continue to be gifts that keep on giving.


Fun Ways To Save For The Holidays!

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Don't let the holidays break your bank!!


It's hard to believe we are only 48 days away from Christmas (yes I counted) and 35 days until Hanukkah!  I tend to let the holidays overwhelm me because I want to shop for everyone but I don't want to break my bank. With a baby and a lot more family members, friends, and people I work with, money can go fast!


I have found a few fun ways to save and even make a buck or two to add to the holiday budget.

Make Saving Fun!


I'm not a great saver but if I turn it into a game, it becomes easier and exciting. Watching the holiday bank fund grow can be a whole lot of fun! Grab yourself a cute box or rustic barrel from Michaels and decorate it. Or if you don't have time, just write "Holiday Fund" on the front. If you can't get out to grab a box or barrel you can use a large mason jar! Keep it in your closet in a safe spot where you won't be tempted to take the cash out of it!

Starbucks can wait!

First things first, if you are anything like me, I love to treat myself to a Starbucks almost every single day. Um, I have a Starbucks addiction for sure.

Sometimes I do two rounds depending on my energy level and I always get a medium or large. You guys, I did the math, and if I were to drink my own coffee at home which would cost me roughly 20 dollars (that includes half and half and two bags of coffee) just for the month of November and allow myself a Starbucks only a few times a week and get a small instead of a large, I'm saving over $113 for the entire month. You can add $4.75 to your fun savings box every day instead of giving your local Starbucks the cash! Imagine if you AND your significant other both did this together! That would be another $113. Not to mention, you won't be getting all that sugar either, I love the pumpkin spice latte that's loaded with extra sugar so I'm much healthier for the month of November!

Not a coffee drinker? You can still play this game! Add three or four bucks to your jar every day for the month of November to give yourself a little extra holiday spending cash! You are already ahead of the game by not being a Starbucks addict!

There are so many ways to make yummy coffee & tea drinks from home. Here is one I found for you to try! Add some cute cinnamon sticks for more flavor and decor to feel like you are still getting your special holiday drink! I found this recipe from Faith Durandi!

How To Make a Latte Without an Espresso Machine

Makes 1 drink

What You Need


Espresso or strongly brewed coffee from an Aeropress
2% or nonfat milk
Cocoa powder, to garnish


Wide, shallow coffee cup
Jar with lid


  1. Make your espresso or strongly brewed coffee: As mentioned in the notes above, any strongly brewed espresso from a home espresso maker or a capsule machine like a Nespresso will do. Or use strongly brewed coffee from an Aeropress, not diluted with any water. I usually start with about 1/3 cup espresso, but this is up to you.
  2. Froth the milk: Pour milk into the jar. Fill no more than halfway. Screw the lid on tightly, and shake the jar as hard as you can until the milk is frothy and has roughly doubled in volume, 30 to 60 seconds.
  3. Microwave the milk: Take the lid off the jar and microwave uncovered for 30 seconds. The foam will rise to the top of the milk and the heat from the microwave will help stabilize it.
  4. Pour warm milk into the espresso: Pour the espresso or coffee into a wide, shallow coffee cup. Use a large spoon to hold back the milk foam, and pour as much warm milk as you would like into the espresso.
  5. Add foam: Spoon as much milk foam as you would like onto your latte (or perhaps it's a cappuccino at this point!). Garnish, if desired, with a sprinkle of cocoa powder or nutmeg on top of the foam. Sip immediately!

Recipe Notes

  • Flavoring the latte: If you want a sweetened or flavored latte, stir in some syrup with the warm milk, before adding the foam.
  • Flavoring ideas: You can add a teaspoon of vanilla or almond extract, or a sweetened flavored syrup such as this one: Homemade Caramel Syrup for Your Coffee. Maple syrup is also delicious.

Closet Sale With Friends


Life gets really busy with family and kids, especially during the holidays. What better way to hang out with friends you don't get to see very often than by throwing a holiday closet sale. Tip: Less is more. If you have too many racks of clothes you won't sell as much. It becomes overwhelming and you won't make as much money. Also, only pull clothes from your closet that you know people would buy, save the other stuff for a garage sale. Force yourself to let go of some items that may make you more cash even if it hurts to say goodbye. At least it will be going to someone you know. Make your rack really desirable and price things at a fair cost but not too low! You paid good money for your clothes at one time, they haven't lost their value that much!

Grab a few other friends and throw an at home holiday party and sell your clothes! Put out a cheese plate and some sparkling spiked cider, some of your favorite holiday music, a yummy pumpkin spice candle and celebrate! Even if you only make $100 or $200 that is still a great number to put aside for the holiday budget! You can find my FAVORITE Spiked Sparkling Cider recipe HERE.

Now were at $300 in holiday bank funds and if your significant other participates $400 in holiday bank funds just from our savings at Starbucks and a little at home holiday sale! Whatever you had in mind for your spending budget, you can add this extra cash to it now!! Make the best out of your spending!

Affordable Unique Gifts

It's important to put a budget aside for how much you would like to spend on each friend and family member. Something I never did in the past. I would come home way over budget with tons of gifts that I didn't even know who I bought them for and ended up with major buyers remorse! An organized list with the amount to be spent next to the name is a must!! I always love making fun gift baskets that are filled with items I know my friends and family would use and love. Take mental note when a friend tells you they love something you have in your home or that you are wearing and find them something similar for the holiday! I find it makes the gift more sentimental.

I like to do a lot of my holiday shopping at Home Goods because everything is affordable there and I can put really fun gift baskets together without going over budget!


If you're struggling with getting out of the house to shop and at a loss of ideas, try planting a tree in someones name or naming a star in the sky after a friend. Name a star after someone HERE. Plant a tree in someones name HERE. This may sound weird but it's a unique gift and you don't have to go to the store to do it! You can also do all your shopping from your computer. I like to go to the store in person but with a 3 moth old, most my shopping will be done right here on my couch. Amazon and Nordstrom are wonderful because they have great return policies. Basically every other store known to man can be purchased on line but be sure to look at their return policy if you are buying gifts!  Looking for the perfect basket to put all your goodies in? At Home is my favorite place to find affordable baskets. I'm linking them HERE for you!

Some of my favorite goodies to put in a gift basket: A wonderful smelling candle (choose a seasonal scent), yummy hand soap and or lotion, cute little necklace, succulent plant, and a bottle of wine. Some other fun ideas: Pretty playing cards, seeds to grow flowers or herbs, daily meditation book, day planner, soaps, caramel popcorn, lip gloss. Try to keep your basket around $20-40 per basket! This is so easy to do if you are headed to Home Goods. Succulent plants make wonderful centerpieces for the basket and they are very affordable. Find them at Home Depot! The basket you see below has 1 bottle of wine $12, succulent $6, hand soap $4, candle $5, note pad $3, hand lotion $3, basket $6. Total cost for my basket $39

Happy Holiday fun! Check back soon for my favorite gift ideas!


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Shop my T shirt HERE

Shop my olive cocoon sweater HERE

All The Fall Feels

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Hello Fall you have finally made your way to Nashville and I couldn't be happier. I can finally cozy up to the fire and enjoy a hot pumpkin spiced latte without feeling like I'm melting. So many of you were asking me for your favorite denim and other fun clothes for fall so I decided to pack it all into one post! It's hard to get a post written these days with a baby so I am taking advantage of my parents being in town and getting to work! Hope you find some fun new pieces for your closet!


My Favorite Sweaters All Under $100

I wanted to start with my favorite sweaters for fall all under $100

The three sweaters shown above are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G and so stinking soft, not to mention cute and fit fantastic.

I will start with the blue sweater with big bell arms, I mean come ON! Everyone needs this sweater and it comes in several colors. I had a hard time picking but went with blue since it's fall and felt more neutral. I think I may have to get it in all the colors now that I know how great it fits. There is a beautiful rustic brown color and a purple mist that almost looks lavender with a hint of pink! Shop it HERE for only $39!!! Whaaaat!? Super affordable for a really cute sweater.

Now let's talk about the most yummy cozy ivory colored turtleneck I have found, ever. It feels like creamy butter. I know it's odd that I compare everything to food. This sweater is such a unique fit and keeps me super warm. The sleeves are slightly flared which I LOVE. The sweater is a bit fitted through out and more fitted on the bottom with an upward v pattern that is super slimming. I have a very long torso so it comes just to the waist of my low rise jeans. This sweater is just under $100 and so pretty. I'm wearing a small in the Ivory. It's available in black and wine as well! Must have for fall. Buy it HERE !!!

The last sweater I am sharing about is the lose one size fits all distressed sweater . So fun and so soft. It's made to look distressed, it falls shorter in the front and longer in the back. For $54 this one is a steal. I love to pair it with my boyfriend jeans or a cute pair of holey skinny jeans and some booties. I wear a tank under it and as it gets colder,  I will be wearing a long sleeve top for extra warmth.  I'll also wear a cute plaid scarf with this or an oversized wrap as a scarf and call it a day. Shop it HERE ! One size fits all!!

Crazy About Scarfs! Here Are My Favorites!

I feel like I can never have enough scarfs. I LOVE them. I'm finding them super handy for breastfeeding too. I will use one to drape over the boob instead of a blanket, less to keep in my diaper bag and way cuter!


I will start with the blue scarf shown in my first flat lay picture and shown on the model above. This is the softest scarf and can be warn as a cape or a scarf. I love that you can double even triple wrap it up and the fringe adds such a cute touch. This favorite of mine is only $35. Shop it HERE

Next is the plaid scarf. I mean come on, everyone needs at least one cute plaid scarf in their life. I choose this one! It's only $24 and super cozy. Shop it HERE

Last is this super soft infinity scarf. These are my favorite because they are so easy. Double wrap and you are out the door! This one is only $19. Shop it HERE

Dreamy Denim

I have been all about trying new denim post baby. I have also jumped back into some of my old favs.


1. These are so fun and super comfy. Lose fit boyfriend style. Under $50 Shop them HERE

2. I am so in love with these jeans. They are a more relaxed fit but not baggy. I like that they are straight with a cuff. They look adorable with a high heel, throw on a blazer with a cute T under it. My favorite is the twisted front T. You can find it HERE. Wear these jeans during the day with a cute pair of flats or mules. My favorite mules are THESE . Shop the jeans HERE

3. The softest stretchy jeans ever! I was able to fit in these a few weeks post pregnancy. I love them! They fit like a glove and are very comfy. Shop them HERE. They are on sale now too!

4. Last are the most awesome jegging jeans I own! High wasted which I am really loving to hide my mommy tummy. They look awesome with the twisted T. Put them on with a cute bootie like THESE or a high heel for the evening! The jeans are just under $60. Shop them HERE.

My Clutch

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 7.06.07 PM.png

I love my clutch from Gaia For Woman. Not only is it so freaking cute, I love what this company stands for. SHOP THIS CLUTCH HERE.

More info about Gaia and their mission:

GAIA creations are handmade by refugee women resettled in Dallas using vintage, artisan-made, & sustainable materials.

Our mission is to empower refugee women through employment, encouragement, and dedication to their long-term success in our local communities.  

Through a living wage and continued training and development, our goal is to lead the women to financial independence and self-sufficiency. Studies show that unlocking a woman's potential can cultivate a brighter future for not only herself and her children, but for the community as a whole.



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I love teaming up with companies that support things that I'm super passionate about. Avène is not only a skin care line with wonderful products, they are raising awareness in the battle against bullying, something I was affected by as a kid and have been talking openly about for years to try and help raise awareness.


I was recently sent a kit with three products from Avène to try. It's no surprise that I walked into my dermatologist office here in Nashville the other day to pick up a product and saw they carry Avène products. All the more reason I felt confident trying this kit I was sent. I used the Eau Thermale mist before I apply my peptide serum and was blown away at how calm my skin felt. The nurse at my dermatologist told me to spray my face with it and then while my skin was damp apply my peptides and then the Xera Calm A.D moisturizer from Avène. My skin is feeling baby soft and much calmer than it was before using the line.


Avène products are known for soothing and relieving eczema which is a skin disorder that effects thousands of babies, children, and adults. A young girl named Carissa has been living with a very sever case of eczema and has been bullied in school because of it. This breaks my heart. I'm so thankful for Avène and Kind Campaign who have come together to raise awareness and share Carissa's story of hope. Now that I have a child of my own, the thought that he may be bullied at some point in his life brings tears to my eyes as I type this. I can't imagine watching him have to go through what I went through or what beautiful Carissa has been going though. I'm forever grateful for Avène & Kind Campaign for the beautiful work they are doing in the fight against bullying! You can learn more about Carissa's story of hope HERE.

To find the Avène products that are best for your skin, visit their website aveneusa.com. I highly recommend the Eau Thermale and Xera Calm A.D moisturizer!! #AveneHope

Cozy Fall Favorites & Breastfeeding Friendly

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It doesn't feel like fall here yet, but I am ready for it. Stocking up on cozy sweaters to get me excited for fall and ready for winter. This fringe sweater by Lovestitch is so cozy and so soft. I love how it's also super breastfeeding friendly! You can use my discount code VANESSA15 to receive 15% off when you visit LOVESTITCH


I've talked a lot about this sweater the last couple weeks. It is honest to God the softest most amazing sweater I have ever bought. I can wear it out and it's super cute but also lounging around the house it almost feels like it could be a robe. It is a duster and my favorite new fall purchase by far. Shop it HERE


These two wraps below are the same just in different colors and I am obsessed. My mom stole the grey one from me for a week! They are so cute and so comfy and I am gonna wear them forever! They are more like a cape. These will be one of those statement pieces that are in my closet years to come and friends will say "where did you get that?" Something that will never leave my closet! SHOP THE GREY ONE HERE



I'm OBSESSED with Ingrid & Isabel wraps for fall. They are technically "nursing wraps" but I will be wearing them way past my breastfeeding days!


This company has wonderful maternity clothes as well as nursing. Shop this grey and white one HERE

Shop the solid black version of it HERE


My Tomgirl Jeans

My High wasted skinny jeans

My stretch jeans

My Shoes

My Postpartum Essentials

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It would be a total and complete lie if I told you I had this mom thing down or that I wake up and am able to put makeup on, do my hair, and look good. Most days consist of me covered in throw up, dancing around the house with Maverick, and keeping him happy and myself fed while he is napping.  I am enjoying it so much though and learning at least 5 new things a day. Eat or nap when he naps, do everything fast, do squats while you rock him to sleep to get the blood flowing, just to name a few! Of course right when I think I have it down, everything changes and he shows me a whole new side of himself that I get to learn about and adjust to!

It is a honest to God miracle what are bodies are capable of doing and what we are made to do. Carrying and delivering a baby is in my opinion the craziest and coolest thing our bodies are designed to do. It amazes me every day when I look at our little boy, what my body went through to give him to us, what a miracle it is. I'm totally blown away by it all, from how babies are made, to how they come into the world, and everything in between, the whole process fascinates me.

My birth story isn't exactly what I had planned it to be, but I wouldn't have it any other way now that I look back. Maverick arrived 7 weeks ago and I'm still recovering from my C-section. Today feels like the first day since I had him that I could possibly take a gentle yoga class.

I planned on a vaginal birth with an epidural. After pushing for almost 4 hours and being in labor for almost 24 hours I had to have a C-section because I developed a fever and he was just too big and wouldn't come out. I struggled a lot in that moment when our doctor came back in the room and told me I needed a c-section. I felt like I failed and was devastated. I cried really hard and had all sorts of "poor me" thoughts but then I remembered how many woman have done this before me and that some woman actually schedule them! After my operation, when they handed him to me for the fist time and I held him, all those feelings were gone and I never thought about having it any other way ever again.


The recovery however has been longer than I would have hoped and a bit tougher than I had imagined. I have had moments of depression from hormonal imbalance and have become a bit of a helicopter mom which I'm hoping I get through soon. I don't want to be a helicopter mother. I have a constant feeling of a deep need to protect him at all times and I'm struggling with a little bit of a control issue. For the most part, I'm feeling really good about motherhood and loving every single moment, even the late night feedings. I know he won't be this size forever and I don't want to miss any special moments with him so I'm embracing the hard times and soaking it all in because it won't be forever. and I know I will look back and wish I had these times again with him as he gets older.

I have been doing a ton of research when he sleeps and finding things that have been really helping me to recover and feel less pain and make my life easier so I'm still able to hold Maverick through recovering and give him all the attention he needs and more! The doctor advised me not to exercise for 6-8 weeks and not to pick anything up heavier than Maverick, I will admit, that has been hard and I have been a bit naughty and doing more than I probably should around the house.

Here are some of the things that have really helped me and the items I don't think my husband and I could live without.

I just discovered these about two weeks ago and wish I had sooner. The C-Pany has saved my life and been keeping me more sane. I sleep in them and I wear them all day. There is a thicker piece of material that lays across the incision and helps to keep pressure on the incision. I have found since I started wearing these, my pain has subsided. They also pull all the way up the waist to help slim your tummy.

Buy the C-Pany HERE


Now that I'm healing up a bit, I have found a lot of comfort when I wear my postpartum recovery belt. My friend Kristen Graham who just had a baby a month before me suggested this one. I had tried a few and liked this one the best. It has three pieces so you can support different parts of your body at different times or all at once. I find it helps my posture and my back aches less when I wear it. It is intense but I'm finding I'm using the tummy one during the day and it is helping me a lot and shrinking my stomach quicker and I'm still eating a ton! I read not to diet while breastfeeding because it will not be of any help to the milk flow so the recovery belt and breastfeeding are what I'm relying on for now.

Buy the Postpartum Belt HERE

I have been grabbing my 5 pound weights as much as I can to keep my arms toned and use to holding the little guy all day!!  As if holding a baby all day isn't enough right? Well, I'm finding that I'm using only certain parts of my arms and new mussels I didn't know I had, but the other parts are getting weaker from not exercising. When I get him down for a nap and have the energy, I will use these bad boys to do a little toning and strengthening each day. Buy the Weights HERE


I won't get too into this next idea but I highly suggest looking into encapsulating your placenta. I did it through Bosom Buddy Nashville. They were our Doulas and the most incredible woman to work with. I couldn't have done this whole process without them. I feel a huge difference in my mood swings and crying spells when I take them. I have tried to stop them just to see if it works and realized quick I need to keep taking them. I am a very firm believer in this process. Also, it you are in the Nashville area and looking into hiring a Doula, I would refer these woman over and over again. Our experience with them has been incredible.  We worked with Leslie and Ashley and they feel like family to me now. I'm forever grateful for them and the help they gave us throughout the last 5 weeks. I credit them for how easy breastfeeding was and every question I had throughout the last 7 weeks they have been able to answer for me.

I also love this New Mama Bottom Spray I found thanks to my friend Jenn Brown! It kept me feeling fresh down below especially in the hospital right after the surgery!!! I'm not gonna lie, a shower did not sound fun to me while recovering in the hospital. Maybe this is TMI but I lived on diaper wipes and this spray for a few days. I'm still using the spray to freshen up during the day.

I have found it hard most mornings and some nights to take care of myself. I'm a big skin fanatic and never go a night without washing my face. If Maverick is awake and I'm not able to get a good wash in, Micellar Cleansing Water has been a savior for me. It gets all my makeup off and you don't have to wash after. This is the only product I have found that doesn't leave a residue or have a smell. It's super gentle and does not break me out. I wipe down with it morning and evening. It leaves my skin super clean & hydrated and it's dirt cheap. They also make wipes but I like the cleansing water better. The Micellar wipes would be a great option to bring to the hospital so you can clean your face in the hospital bed!!

Now enough about me! Here are my baby essentials that we could not live without.

Baby Must Haves

The DockAtot is a MUST. I am not kidding when I say this thing goes everywhere with us. We have two! Maverick is currently sleeping in it next to me while I type on the kitchen counter. I keep one in the car for when we go to visit friends too. Let me say I am not a safety expert but I have done my research. This is NOT a product that is listed as safe to let your child sleep next to you through the night. Co-sleeping is one of the leading causes of SIDS. I only use this during the day when I am able to check on my son. I use it on the couch while we watch TV, I put it on the kitchen counter when I'm cooking... far away from anything that could splash on him, I use it when I need a quick shower and leave him where I can see him, and when I am putting makeup on. He loves it. I have even brought it into the bathroom with me in those first days home when I didn't realize I could leave him alone for 3 minutes while I peed and he would live.


Although Maverick has a killer nursery set up with a crib that makes me want to sleep in it, we are keeping him next to us in his Halo Bassinet for now and that thing is genius. It swivels all over and can pull up onto the bed which is great for me after having had a c-section. He wasn't loving it at first so we added this little baby sleeper topper accessory and he sleeps like a log in it. He outgrew the topper this last week so I bought an additional Halo mattress and he is sleeping great in it now.


The Lalabu Soothe Shirt is my life savor. I swear the second Maverick slides into this thing, he is happy and so am I. I'm able to do stuff around the house while he is with me. I love that I can wear it out and throw a cute Kimono over it and I look like a half normal human. You can breast feed with this top on as well. You have to remove baby first, but the chest area pulls down for super easy access! I put this on when I'm going to shop at the mall, grocery store, or just for a stroll around the block. I have been using it while I put my makeup on or cleaning up the kitchen. I highly recommend them. They also make shirts for men! I got one for my husband the other day and it's awesome!!! Grab one HERE


If you are looking for a good sling wrap, I have tried several and the Maya sling wrap is by far my favorite for many reasons. I will start by saying it is the only sling I have tried that has built in padding in the shoulder. The padding is huge for me because if I have the sling on for longer than an hour my shoulder hurts but the Maya sling with padding doesn't hurt me at all. I will wear it for several hours at a time and my shoulder is fine. I also love that it has a large pocket on the bottom where you can keep a phone, diaper, keys, wipes and probably a lip gloss and energy bar if you wanted! They offer lots of different colors and the fabric on the Maya sling is softer than some of the others I have tried. The way I am wearing Maverick in the sling is not the "correct" way. I have found a few different ways to wear him and a few of them are probably not considered safe but I keep my hand on him and my eyes when he is in these positions just to be extra causious . Grab one HERE!


Last I wanted to add this little head pillow in the mix that I recently found that Maverick has been enjoying. (That is not Maverick in the picture) It's purpose is to help prevent babies from getting flat head. I find Maverick likes it whether he is laying on my legs or in his crib or on the couch, it sorta props him up a little bit and it's so soft and so cheap! I have tried a few flat head pillows and this is my favorite by far. It is the softest and least bulky! Buy the Anti Flat Head Pillow HERE

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 3.15.57 PM.png





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Maverick is our first child so of course we can't get enough pictures of him and are in constant awe of him every day. It's amazing how much he is changing and we want to keep documenting those changes.  I'm sure we will be like this with all our kids. I have always loved the famous Anne Getty photos. I had her books growing up and always imagined I would have my children take pictures similar when the time would come. Once we had Maverick I was on a quick mission to find someone in our area who took adorable infant pictures that had a similar feel to Anne Getty photos. I was so happy to have found June Star Photography.

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Maverick was just about 9 days young when we did our photo shoot with Heather who is the photographer and owner of June Star Photography. I was so nervous because it was one of my first days out of the house with him. Heather sent us a very thorough email on what to expect and how the shoot would go. I was anxious that morning trying to figure out as a new mom how to get him sleepy before the shoot since it's easiest to work with an infant when they are sleeping.

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When we arrived at the studio I was still anxious but excited. The studio is located in Franklin, Tennessee in a small, cozy, rustic, and adorable space. It has high ceilings with pretty fabrics, hats, clothing, and toys from floor to ceiling. She uses all her own materials for the shoot so you don't have to stress about bringing anything. Heather's studio is located upstairs from a cool little home goods shop which came in handy once we had been there for a few hours and I needed a little break. My husband was with me, so we were able to switch off during the photo shoot. Heather likes for there to only be two people at the shoot because the space is small and the less people the more calm the setting. The room is heated to about 85 degrees since that is similar to the temperature when the baby is in the womb! I didn't really think it would be that hot but it was, so I suggest wearing clothes that are light and bringing a cold drink. There is a spot to grab a bite to eat near by and a tea but bring a cold drink to hold you over, trust me you will want it!!

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Heather was wonderful. Her energy is very calm and she is great with babies. She is a mother of two so she knows what she is doing! She was very patient with us as well. Maverick was not sleepy when we got there and didn't want to sleep for most of the shoot so we didn't really start to get our shots until about two hours into the shoot. That made me even more anxious and apologetic but Heather wasn't bothered at all by this. She blocks enough time out so she can really take her time. Once he got sleepy, Heather was able to get the beautiful shots I had hoped she would be able to get. I breast fed him every hour to get him calm and sleepy and give him small breaks. I was so amazed with her setup. She uses comfy pillows and all sorts of things under blankets to prop the babies up and get them right where she needs them.

Maverick Newborn 30.jpg

Pictures are such a huge part of our lives and I am so thankful to have found Heather with June Star Photography. Our experience was wonderful and I hope to get back there in about six months to do another shoot with her. I had looked into a lot of photographers in Nashville and she was by far my most favorite. I can't say enough good things about her and I highly recommend her. I like to add that Heather did not pay me to post about her and I paid full price for our photo shoot so this is not a paid advertisement. I love sharing about my experiences with companies when I am happy with the outcome, and I really love supporting small businesses like June Star. Visit her site HERE to learn more about how you can set up a shoot with her.

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Cuddle + Kind

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As most of you know, I love working with one-for-one companies. Or any charitable company for that matter. Cuddle + Kind dolls feed 10 children for every one doll sold. Can you imagine for just $48 dollars you can feed 10 children? That blows my mind. Each doll runs between $48 - $68 and all the dolls are handcrafted in Peru, fair trade. These dolls are non- toxic, safe, and adorable. It's really important to my husband and I that we teach our son how lucky he is from a very young age. We want to educate him on the world and show him the importance of giving back. I know he can't understand yet, but planting the seed early on is important to us. We are happy to be working with Cuddle + Kind to make a difference in children's lives.


I am in love with the family who started this cause. They are a family of 5 on a mission to help feed children in need. What's not to love about a family who is dedicating their life to helping others in need! I love that the woman who craft these dolls in Peru have jobs now thanks to this incredible family. Their goal is to feed one million meals a year. How amazing is that?? That literally sets my heart on fire. How adorable are they? They beam with light and that makes me so happy that I have the chance to spread the word about their amazing company.

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 1.48.59 PM.png

I hope you will take a moment to visit their site HERE and buy one of their cuddle dolls for your child or a friend! This would make a perfect baby shower gift. What a beautiful story to tell a child once they are old enough to understand,  that this doll we hold together fed 10 children in need and gave work to woman in Peru who wouldn't have had work otherwise. I just melted in half thinking about it all!  Cheers!


How To Help Victims Of Hurricane Harvey

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The devastation from Hurricane Harvey is absolutely unfathomable.

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Since Harvey hit Texas, I have been watching the news in utter disbelief. My heart is broken for the families effected. In the 2010 Nashville flood, my husband came home to his home under water and lost everything. Hurricane Harvey has brought up a lot of emotion for him and it's been hurting me to watch. He was out yesterday answering phones for the Red Cross and helped raise a lot of money. I have felt helpless being here with a newborn and not being able to get out and help so I thought I would do some research and find legit places to donate.

I wanted to share what I have found. Lot's of different ways you can help donate if you are wanting to make a donation and not sure where to donate and exactly where your money is going.

UPDATE: Undies are in need for girls, boys, men, and woman in all sizes. If you can collect new ,packaged underwear and mail it to

Undies For Everyone: 1700 Bissonnet St, Houston TX, 77005

Visit UNDIESFOREVERYONE.ORG to donate by hitting the donate button on the site

As always, It's important to do your own research on any organizations you choose to donate to. I found this ProPublica article from 2015,  it's a good resource. The Huffington Post has an article on where & how to give, here. CNN has some ways to help, here.

The Texas Diaper Bank supports the basic needs of vulnerable babies, children with disabilities and seniors. The Texas Diaper Bank is asking for cash and diaper donations to help provide for the victims in Texas. Click here to learn how to donateSource.

You can donate to the Red Cross directly, here or text 90999 to donate $10. Here is the link to understand how your TEXT will be charged. If you’re looking to volunteer your time to help those impacted by Hurricane Harvey, the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army are in need of volunteers to help at shelters. You can learn how to volunteer for the American Red Cross here and for the Salvation Army here (Source)

ABC KTRK 13 has a list of shelters in Houston, here.

The Salvation Army’s Emergency Disaster Services is working to help provide food and clothing to victims seeking shelter. Donors can call 1-800-SAL-ARMY or click here (Source)

The global crowdfunding community is attempting to raise $2 million to “provide relief to survivors in the form of emergency supplies like food, water, and medicine in addition to longer-term recovery assistance to help residents recover and rebuild.” Global Giving says all donations made to the fund will be exclusively used to support local relief and recovery efforts. Click here to learn how to donate.  Source.

Pets affected by Hurricane Harvey are being taken in by animal shelters across Texas, including the SPCA of Texas, Austin Pets Alive and the San Antonio Humane Society. The Houston Humane Society is also available, with limited staff.  (source)

If you feel like your heart is pulling you to help, I hope these links are helpful for you to find a good place to donate. Just a few dollars can help!

Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 11.17.37 AM.png

Drone Footage of the devastation covering Houston

The Owlet Smart Sock 2

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So it's been almost 4 weeks since Maverick was born and life couldn't feel better. That little bundle of joy brings more wrinkles to my face every day. I have never felt more love and more fear in my entire life. I have been told my fears are normal "new mother" fears! Knowing I am responsible for this beautiufl new life is both exciting and mildly terrifying. The fear of "is he still breathing" would be my biggest fear. I check on him every 3 minutes but better to be safe than sorry. We are finally getting use to all his little sounds he makes through out the night that were keeping us up the first few weeks. I'm sure once we are totally use to them, he will have a whole new set of sounds as he gets older that we will learn. He is sleeping next to us in his little Halo bassinet right now but there will be some point when we have to show him to his crib (insert me crying).


The Owlet Smart Sock baby monitor is incredible. This little monitor is worn on his foot and can stay on all day if I wanted it to. Night time is probably the time we will use this the most but during the day while he sleeps and I work around the house, it's nice to have it on him to make sure he is still breathing. A normal baby monitor is great but it doesn't provide you with insight on what is going on inside your baby. The Smart Sock uses proven technology (pulse oximetry) to track your infants heart rate and oxygen levels from the comfort of your own home! The monitor also has an app you get on your phone that alerts you if your child's heart rate is dropping. The sock is soft, simple, and secure and our little guy doesn't even notice it's on him. 

If I can help save even one life by suggesting this sock, I would feel like I made a difference. Sudden Infant death Syndrome is horrible. I remember when I was 17 years old, I had a friend in school who lost a sibling to SIDS. I will never forget it and it's my biggest fear now that I have a child.

I have teamed up with my friend Ashley Wilson from www.Beauandarrownashville.com to help her friend raise money for their son baby Kipp who tragically passed away recently from SIDS. Owlet is currently matching funds raised. You can visit the link HERE to donate and learn about sweet baby Kipp's fund.

The only report I have heard negative on this monitor is that there have been some false alarms. Now, that would give me a minor heart attack for sure, but I rather a false alarm and freak out than my child stop breathing and me not know.

Get your Owlet Smart Sock here!!


Best Breastfeeding Tops!

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So it's been 11 days since we brought our baby boy Maverick home and it has been nothing but a joy for us. I have never felt love like this before and I am so excited for all the times we are going to have with our son. I have been breastfeeding since day one and now that I am home and friends are visiting, Maverick is taking a nap next to me, so I thought I would take a moment to share with you my favorite tops for postpartum. I have been trying to find tops that hide that little extra tummy and are easy for a first time mom who has not totally mastered breastfeeding! I don't know if we ever "master" breastfeeding, we just get more confident with it as the latch gets easier and the discomfort subsides, I do think finding easy tops to wear can help a lot. I have been a take it all off and get to work kind of feeder, but that won't work with guests over and when we start getting out.

I have literally been living in this top I am wearing above. I have it in every color they make and it is the greatest top ever. I'm wearing a small. Free People has brought this top back in all different new styles and I have never been more excited about this fit and style I am currently wearing. I am linking this below and a few other tops that I have found to be pretty easy for breastfeeding. They will be great for fall as well. I am currently having pretty bad hot flashes and then really cold, so it's been nice to have this top because not only is it the perfect weight, its very cozy. I am also linking my favorite nursing bra that I am wearing under the top in aqua blue!

My Special Engraved Bangle To My Son From Evermore Co

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If there is one thing I can say that continues to make me happy about Nashville, it's the community of woman I'm meeting here. I feel like I'm constantly shocked by the kindness and support I've received since moving here. Between the Nashville blog community, and the woman I'm meeting who have started their own businesses, I'm in awe of the love and support everyone shows towards each other daily.

Not long ago a woman named Ann who started a company called Evermore Co reached out to me through Instagram. We met for coffee and I knew immidiatly she was salt of the Earth. We talked about designing a special gold bangle with my sons innitals and I was so excited to begin the process.

Not only did I fall in love with Ann's heart the day we sat down for coffee,  I fell in love with the story behind why she started this company. 60 years ago Ann's Grandfather gave her Grandmother a simple gold bangle for their wedding anniversary. After her Grandmother passed away, her Grandfather gifted bangles to his five grandchildren to keep the tradition alive. Ann started Evermore Co and handcrafts the bangles right here in Nashville.

And so I begin my collection of Evermore Co bangles to keep the tradition going for myself and my family. I love the idea of a bangle per child or every wedding anniversary adding a beautiful bangle with a word to represent that year. My first bangle has MAM initialed on it because our soon to be born sons name starts with an M and his middle name starts with an M as well, to follow with our last name A for Adcox! We chose to put the A in the center to separate the two M's. Ann designs beautiful simple rings as well that can be stacked. Those are next on my list.

Bangles have always been my favorite pieces of jewelry and having my sons initials close to me all day long keeps me smiling. This bangle goes perfect with my stack that I have had for over 13 years. It's funny, a month ago someone asked me where I got my rose gold and gold bangles. I had gotten them downtown in Los Angeles at the jewelry district so I wouldn't have to pay and arm and a leg. I was trying to find bangles like them that I loved as much as the ones I wear in solid gold and half way decent in price and I couldn't find any. When Ann reached out to me, I couldn't believe it. Her bangles are exactly what I had been looking for. She is so wonderful to work with and loves what she does and that love shines through in her work! This pic below is a close up of what some of the initials can look like! If you shop her store be sure to use this discount code FREESHIP17 for free shipping on your first order.

What's To Come In The Next Month

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Walking into Wednesday with a big 30 pound bowling ball and a bunch of fun things to share!

If the baby doesn't come on his own, I will be induced on Tuesday August 1st very early in the morning. I have been getting a lot of questions asking why I am doing so many giveaways in one week. A giveaway is when a lot of us bloggers team up and go in on a really big gift together to give away to one lucky winner. I feel like it's important to do these because it is giving back. I'm also going to be giving birth and depending on how everything goes, I won't be posting as much for a while so I wanted to do some fun stuff before his arrival. Unless I bounce back quick (which I am hoping I do) and am blessed with a really wonderful sleeper (which I am really praying for) Then I could be down a few weeks. In the mean time, I'm gearing up for the next month and finding things I think my readers will enjoy.

I'm so excited for this next chapter in life and sharing all the things I learn along the way. I plan on being as real and honest along my journey.

What is to come? I will be posting a mom must haves round up, what I took to the hospital for new moms, my favorite baby items, what works and what hasn't worked in the first few weeks of new parenting, and a lot more in the next few month. I will continue to post clothing finds and updates on health, food, home decor, and recipes . I will also have a really fun post coming to you about how to throw a killer baby shower, and a full tour of our babies new room! I also re-did our white room while nesting and can't wait to share those pics with you too. Lot's to come! Please keep checking back. I am so thankful for all my readers and I will soon be putting out my first news letter so stay tuned and please sign up for that so you can stay up to date!


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