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Winter Wonderland

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Don't let winter bring you down!

It's starting to look a lot like COLD, but I refuse to let the cold weather stop me from dressing up. I found this awesome dress that's a much heavier weight than it looks at Zaful on line. A lot of people are skeptical of Zaful because unfortunately they have been known to send clothes that don't look like they do in their pictures . I have had that problem with them only a few times, but the clothing is so cheap it didn't make me want to sell the car for money.  I have also ordered several times and been very happy with my order. This dress came just as it looked on line and I LOVE it. It's super affordable and very comfortable. It keeps me really warm and throwing on a pair of black leggings or tights with it, will help keep you even warmer when the temperature really starts to drop. Sad face. These are some of my favorite boots I own from Freebird. They help this outfit look even cozier and keep my toes warm in the Nashville winters.

For my Freebird boots, or to find some new styles by this incredible company, click on the pic above!