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Kimono's in the snow!

vanessa eviganComment

This is a dress from Free People that I love to wear open over jeans. I wore it with my snow boots and all black for a dressier look. I couldn't really escape the rain boots because I don't own a cute pair of snow boots. They just so happen to go perfect with the outfit. I don't suggest them for long exposure to snow or you may get frost bite. The hat is also Free People. My worn in jeans came that way and are probably my favorite fitting black jeans I have found. They are from Cult of Individuality. One-of-a-kind necklace by yours truly. Shop it or one like it in my shop!

This is probably one of my all time favorite kimono dresses. It's made by Arnhem, and they have so many beautiful pieces on line. Click the pic above to get one or something like it.  It is so beautiful and goes great with jeans and boots or a cute pair of shorts and basic tank for summer. I wear it in the winter with darker clothes to give a more "winter" look because I'm in total denial that summer is not in full effect at all times.

This kimono is so awesome. Words can't quite describe my love for it. It's from Spell Designs. If you don't know about Spell Designs you must! They have some of the most beautiful clothing my eyes have ever seen. They are out of Australia but ship world wide! Click pic above to get there! This kimono is great over a bathing suit, shorts and a cute basic, or what I have done with it despite the snow. I will throw on a long sleeve cute top under it if I'm cold and want to still look cute or even a turtle neck looks good. There I go again with the Hunter rain boots keeping me dry in the snow. Jewelry by guess who.... me! Visit my shop for your own one-of-a-kind necklace.