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Post Holiday Decorating

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Don't let the holidays end your itch to decorate. Who says we can only decorate for the holidays? No Ma'am or Sir. I say changing the house every few months is a must! It's a great way to keep a good flow of energy and keep your home always looking cozy and different. If your anything like me, all the build up before Thanksgiving and Christmas leaves me so sad when it's all over. I enjoy decorating so much that when it's over I'm a hot mess of sadness.  Once it's all over and time to take everything down, I get empty house syndrome. I decided to keep the decorations coming this year. Check out some of my spring and summer decorating inspiration below!

New Years Colors!

Soon as the Christmas tree came down I got the itch to put something else out. This was my inspiration for January. Not ready to say by to the holidays yet but not about to leave the tree up any longer. This had a New Years feel to it as well.


Spring does not need to look like the Easter Bunny threw up at your house. Don't get me wrong, if that 's your thing go for it. I just like to be a little more subtle about it. Even if it's just a matter of changing out your darker pillows for some lighter options. Tip. TJ Max is a great option for affordable pillows all year round.  Heck, try throwing in some yellows and blues and pink if your real brave. I love pink. Mix and match your furniture so you don't have to spend more money. Find an old table at a garage sale and paint it white, throw a beautiful simple glass vase on it with some colorful tulips in it, put some lemons in a light colored bowl, a white candle, and call it a day. It really helps with seasonal depression too. Get's you doing something fun for yourself and lightens up the house. Try burning some sage every few months to move out old energy as well.  It really helps.


Throw yourself a party, do whatever you have to do because you made it to summer! The season most of us are most excited about. Whether it's the weather or the fact that vacations tend to happen around summer, it's just a fabulous time of the year.  I understand there are a lot of polar bears out there who prefer cooler climates so winter is your jam, not me, I'm not a polar bear but I do love my polar bears.

You don't need to live at the beach to make your home look like you live at the beach. You don't need to live in an enchanted garden to make your home look like you love plants and flowers. I don't know about you but I think almost everyone wishes they lived at the beach or in an enchanted garden. Or maybe it is just me and growing up in California I love fairy tales. Keeping that beach feeling to your home is all about adding whites and light colored lightweight fabrics. Sand and shells in glass jars, flowers and plants everywhere. Give your living room texture by stacking old vintage books and putting Mason jars on them with pink roses. Keep flowers next to your bed and in your bathroom. Add plants to your kitchen and pray you can keep them alive! Spring is magical because it's the rebirth of life that has gone to sleep to survive cold climates, so now let's enjoy the beauty and leave those reminders all over the house. The house smells so incredible when you have gardenia, lavender, honey suckle, and roses all over the place. This also can make you feel like your a princess living in an enchanted garden. I'm one of those girls who says you can never have enough flowers..... and shoes of course.