Her Morning Coffee

Fall Is Here!

vanessa evigan

I use to think summer was my favorite time of the year.... check back with me when we are in the middle of winter and it probably will be, but living in Nashville now where we have seasons, fall has become my new favorite. I love the colors of the trees, the crisp air, sipping my coffee on the porch and reflecting on where I am in life, and wearing cozy sweaters and long beautiful tunics of course. These pants I have on are so fun and can be worn during the day with a cute casual tunic and a wedge like I have on, or at night with a fabulous heel and a dressier Tunic. These pants are from a company called Nightcap Clothing and I am currently living in them! Do keep in mind that they are not pants that you can wear with anything shorter than what I have on, or you will be showing a tad too much for my taste! I have these pants in white and maroon and am in love. I wore the white pants to one of my showers with a pretty long white tunic from Carly Jean, and this maroon tunic I am wearing is from Lush and I got it at Nordstrom.  Nordstrom has revamped and is not longer carrying this top but they have something similar. The back in the picture below is just like the back on mine!

I'm loving the idea of wearing these lace pants through fall and even into winter as long as you have a boot on and a cozy sweater! Hey, we wear dresses in the winter... why not sexy lacy pants!