Her Morning Coffee

Spring Has Sprung!

vanessa evigan

Happy Easter! I hope you had a wonderful weekend with family and friends. I spent Easter with my honey's family out in the country and our three furry babies were with us. Moose was kind enough to join me for this picture. Wondering what WAYF is? It's my new favorite clothing line and it stands for Where Are You From! Let me start by saying this dress is a STEAL. It's under 100 bucks! The dress is so classy but still feels super sexy with the front slit. Mildly obsessed with the lace front. If you need to be a little more conservative, lace it all the way up... if you're feeling like living on the edge... unlace it down a tad ;) I had it laced down just a pinch in these pictures. Did you see the back?! I am in love with it! The back buttons up and zips down. This dress is so different and fits like a glove yet flows so you can move and dance and do all kinds of fun things in it . You can find this dress at Nordstrom now! Shop the look below.