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Magic Hair Mask

There's nothing worse than having fried hair. Well, I can think of a few other things that are worse, but come on.... fried hair is pretty bad. If you're anything like me and have done a number on your hair over the years with color and over processing, then you understand my pain. I have been blond, then brunette , then redish, then back to blond and let me tell you, it's a miracle I still have a single hair on my head. It wasn't until recently I became desperate to save my long locks. I was having massive breakage and could not get my hair to feel hydrated or even look good to say the least. I was playing around with different masks and nothing was working until I tried mixing these oils together and BAM it was like magic. This requires saturating your hair in oil, so prepare to get a little messy. It's worth it.

What you need:

Organic extra virgin olive oil, organic extra virgin coconut oil, almond oil,  and avocado oil. Depending on how much hair you have you will use more or less. I have long, thin hair so I use about a half ounce of each of the indigence, sometimes more if I'm super dry.

How To Mix:

If you have time to heat the oil, I highly suggest this. Make sure you do not cook the oil. Heat it for only about 1 minute on the stove so it gets warm not hot. Then on damp hair (I like to spray my hair with rose water until it's damp) apply the oil mix over your entire head and scalp. For best results completely saturate your hair in the oil. Pull your hair back or up in a bun and throw a shower cap on it. Try to let your hair sit with this oil on for a few hours if you have the time. If you don't have time to heat the oil you can still mix the oils and get similar results. Use the access oil on your body!

Once you finish, shampoo your hair with a sulfate free shampoo and then repeat for a second wash to remove all oil. Then condition it! Try to give your hair a cool rinse right before you hop out of the shower to seal in the moisture.

TIP: My favorite shampoo and conditioner is L'Oreal Sulfate free. The oils listed in the picture above are my favorite brands and affordable. You can find them all on Amazon!