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Perfect Fathers Day Gift

vanessa evigan

Hello friends! With Father's Day approaching, some of you may be a lot like me, at a total loss of ideas for gifts. You may not live in the same city or state as your father and want to send something that is simple but you know he will use. I'm always looking to find something my dad will use but there are only so many tools I can give the man. I think I have found the solution this year with Related Garments!

My life long friend Mike Appel, who I use to ride the bus to middle school with, started this awesome line with his brother David. He sent me some of these bad boys and my soon to be husband got very excited when he opened the package. Not only do the underwear look great, they feel even better and trust me my hubs is picky when it comes to his boxer briefs.

My favorite thing about Related Garments, is they offer a few different packages with different colors and patterns. The best part about this line is not only do you receive your boxer briefs, they send you matching socks and not just one pair of socks TWO pairs of socks, high cut and low cut!! Don't worry, if you don't want to order lots of boxers, you can order your boxer briefs individually but they still come with two pairs of matching socks!!  I'm sold!

I love these guys and love the line they have created. I will be sleeping in a pair too, if I can steal them away from my hubs. Get yours today for your father or husband!!!!