Her Morning Coffee

A Beach Room For The South

vanessa evigan

Well hello Tuesday! It's been a while.

Hope y'allhave recovered from a fantastic 4th Of July holiday! I'm excited to share with you my newest guest room I finally finished. I had the family out for the holiday and needed all the rooms ready to go!

Living with dogs is the greatest thing in the world, except you can't have a white bedroom. Being from Los Angeles and loving the beachy feel, I have really missed my white bedroom. I decided to do a white, simple, beach feel for one of our guest rooms to keep a part of LA with me here in the South. My budget was not huge but I wanted to make it really cozy and relaxing for my family and friends when they visit. I think the bed cost more than the whole room to furnish but I needed a very firm high quality bed for my family members with back issues. I also secretly want them to love the room more than their own so they will come visit more often! So I went with an extra firm beauty rest mattress. That's boring though... Let's get to the fun stuff now. Mixing a few high end items with affordable is the way I went. With some help from my amazing soon to be mother-in-law, together we found a headboard from West Elm that happened to be on sale!

All the sheets and duvet comforter came from Bed Bath and Beyond. I went to Peacock Alley for my duvet cover and three of the pillows you see (two long and one large middle sham). That was the splurge. I found the large accent pillow with writing on it, and the two back large shams at TJ Maxx HomeGoods. I also found the white beautiful blanket that I am using under the duvet for texture there. The white throw, light fixtures, and decor on the furniture is also from Home Goods. Can you tell I love HomeGoods? My white end tables I found at an awesome furniture store called Nadeau. All their furniture is hand made and imported from India and Indonesia. I wanted to add a little bit of color but keep it natural and subtle so I went to a local florist shop and bought a really affordable branch of cotton that I put in a white vase held upright by tons of cotton balls in the vase! Cotton branches are fantastic because they never die and add something fun and unique to the room! The heart driftwood is from our shop at Onsite and so is the Amazing Grace wall art. I hope you enjoyed this little breakdown of the new white room and I hope this info was helpful for you if you're working on a room or wanting to give one of your current bedrooms a makeover!