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My Healthy Hair Thanks To Zenagen!

vanessa evigan

About two months ago I was sent a package of hair products and to be honest, when I received the box my first thought was.... "Great more products that I will probably never use." I put the box in the corner of my closet and had forgotten about it. I was getting my hair colored a few days later and Lacy who colors my hair at Parlor 3 in Nashville was saying I had a lot of breakage. She recommended an all natural product called Zenagen that she said was like miracle growth. The name sounded so familiar. I realized it's the same product I was sent in the mail that was sitting in my closet. She said "You HAVE to use this stuff." She has a client who's hair was growing like a weed from it and she swears by it.


I couldn't wait to get home and try it. I don't wash my hair very often and I will only rave about a product if I have used it for over two weeks and love it. I have been using this product now for almost two months and I'm noticing a significant difference in the condition of my hair.

My broken hairs are not really noticeable at all anymore and the broken hair all around my hair line has grown out enough to where I don't notice it sticking up like it did when it was freshly broken off. Pregnancy makes everything amazing and then once you have a baby and months go by, hormones drop and life takes a massive toll on the hair and so has my sons firm grip he has recently discovered. He must tear a chunk of hair out a day.

I wanted to be sure I mention that this company did not pay me to talk about their products. They only sent me products to try and didn't even ask me to post about it.

I love these product because they are all natural with not sodium laurel sulfates or chemicals and the products smells wonderful. I'm using the Evolve Treatment which is a shampoo and the Evolve Conditioner after I shampoo. I love them both.

I'm also using the "Boost" thickening volume foam when my hair is wet before I blow dry. I find this to really help lift my roots and make my hair a whole lot fuller looking once I style it.


I wanted to post about the science behind the product so you can get more of an understanding how and why it works so well!


Conquering Hair Loss at its Roots

A staggering 95% of male and female pattern baldness is caused by the same hormone: dihydrotestosterone or “DHT.” This androgen compound is created when the elusive enzyme known as 5-Alpha Ruductase (5-AR) attaches an extra hydrogen molecule to testosterone, a naturally occurring hormone in both sexes. The DHT created by 5-AR builds up at the follicle matrix, shutting off vital blood circulation and causing the hair to wither and die.

The Zenagen Difference

While most hair loss products focused on topical are absorbed and dissipated in the shallow epidermal layer of the scalp, or even worse irritate the scalp and damage the hair, Zenagen’s proprietary compounds target the hair and scalp environment and underlying causes of hair loss. This scalp and hair optimizing technology has significant benefits for targeting hair loss, hair shedding, thinning hair, age related hair loss and other types of hair loss. This is only available in Zenagen which uses natural components not harsh irritants in product chemistry and manufacturing. This product line is developed to be the best way to achieve professional level hair and scalp benefits including improved hair loss, shedding control, and improved scalp soothing and health.

Ingredient Integrity: Nature is Nurture

Zenagen’s innovative nutraceutical formulas embrace the healing, restorative powers of natural ingredients, with absolutely NO SLS, Parabens or Formaldehyde.

Zenagen Revolve Ingredients:

  • Serenoa Repens: This natural fern leaf extract internationally recognized to biochemically inhibit the formation of DHT—the androgen hormone that causes 95% of hair loss in men and women.
  • Melalecua Oil: Used for centuries as a topical remedy for fungal and bacterial infections, Melaleuca oil cleanses buildup of DHT from the follicle matrix and naturally fends off dandruff and other scalp conditions.
  • Brahmi Mocopairi: Derived from an ancient Asian plant, this powerful herbal compound combats the Oxidative Stress Cascade that can lead to increased hair loss.

Zenagen Evolve Ingredients:

  • Ginger Root: Widely known for its wellness and culinary uses, ginger also promotes blood circulation, invigorating follicles for fuller, thicker, faster-growing hair.
  • Vitis Vinifers: Powerful polypeptides from this moisturizing grape vine extract rejuvenate hair follicles and defend against breakage.

Visit Zenagen's website HERE to find out how you can get your hands on this amazing product!