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Thursday Sale Day

vanessa evigan

Happy Thursday Friends!

Did you know Thursday's are the day when clothing stores get their new shipments in? I know, this is news to me too. This means they need to move out the clothes that have been there for a week or so and put them on SALE to make room for the new! Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, and so many other stores will have amazing sales going on today and if you're not big on sales (who isn't though?) then you can find all the new arrival items that same day! I'll be hanging out by the sale racks drinking an ice tea.

This romper I'm wearing is a season or two ago, but I wanted to talk about this incredible clothing line that I have been crushing on for years now. Spell & The Gypsy has had my heart for a long time. If you can snag a sale item, you will be so happy because they are a tad on the pricier side of things but when you receive your clothes, you will understand why. Top quality and fit is perfect. My most favorite kimonos come from Spell designs, and I get more compliments when I'm in their line than any other!! I own their rompers, kimonos, and dresses. This company is perfect for pregnant woman and woman who aren't pregnant. Their dresses look so adorable over a baby bump and if you're still able to rock the romper, you will be obsessed with theirs. I'm currently awaiting a few new items in the mail and will share them with you when they arrive but for now, it will have to be a throw back Thursday to my days when I fit in a romper. They have a few awesome items on sale right now and their new arrivals are gorgeous. Keep checking on their sale items because you will always find beautiful clothes at really good prices in their sale department. They are an Australian brand but are sold all over America in stores like Planet Blue & Hemline just to name a couple. Usually higher end boutiques will have Spell & The Gypsy. These few items below are on sale now and worth the snag. Happy Thursday from this little gypsy over here, hope you're smiling and enjoying the sun.... if it's out where you are!


Similar to my romper but better for summer! Here