Her Morning Coffee

A Tad More Natural

vanessa evigan

Have y'all heard of the magazine Willow and Sage? It's freaking awesome. It's not only visually beautiful, the recipes are wonderful. This magazine teaches you how to make all sorts of natural body scrubs which I will be partaking in. I'll be starting tonight with this Blueberry Sugar Scrub! 

This magazine has inspired me to try a bit more of the natural route. I'm a cross between a naturalist and a chemist! I love products that have active ingredients because I believe they work the best to show you the results you want to see but they can be harsh and skin needs a break. Especially when you are pregnant and absolutely can not use harsh chemicals. My skin has been feeling really dry so I'm hoping these all natural remedies will do the trick.

In the mean time, I wanted to share with you a couple of my favorite natural current favorites.

This Bébé Brew pregnancy tea by Dani Kenney is my new obsession. It's packed with all organic herbs to nourish you during your pregnancy. I drink a cup ever morning and feel so good afterward. The all organic ingredients consist of: red raspberry leaf*, alfalfa leaf*, lemon balm*, plantain leaf*, oatstraw*, rosehips*, nettle leaf*, spearmint*, stevia leaf*. This tea is safe and so nourishing and is caffeine free. Shop this tea below.

Do you ever get headaches when you burn a candle? Chances are they are not soy and are loaded with chemicals that can cause headaches and pretty much make you sick. This candle by Shore - Line in scent "Studio Hall",  is my all time favorite. It's a natural soy wax blend and smells so fresh and clean I want to drink the smell! This candle can burn right next to me and I'm not bothered by it one bit. Just a suggestion, if your candles you own are not all natural or soy,  it may be time to toss those bad boys and only purchase all natural soy blends. I'm no doctor but my doctor told me so.