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Affordable Rustic Wedding Ring Box's

vanessa evigan

It doesn't get much cutter than those two ring bearers holding cute rustic wedding ring boxes does it!? It's been almost six months since we got married and I'm just now digging into all our pictures to start framing some favorites. I wanted to share with you two of my favorite really affordable hand carved ring boxes that I used for my wedding. Both of these boxes were under $45.00. I loved them because they stayed shut and made it easy for the kids to carry them.

I'll start with the personalized rustic wood tree stump ring box by Steven and Rae Designs on Etsy. This was just the sweetest thing I had ever seen. It reminded me of being a kid carving my initials in every tree I could find and I liked that childlike feel since this was for my little ring bearer to hold. It has a hinge inside it, so it opens and closes very smooth. This is the real deal. It looks almost like a small baby tree trunk with just enough room for a few rings and it's only $22.95. You can get a good look at the back of the ring box in the picture above with my cute little ring bearers! He was holding it backwards! I'm just so happy they came down the isle with big smiles on their faces. For only $22.95, this ring box is a complete deal if you ask me. Shop this ring box by clicking below on my shop box.

I was torn on boxes so I ordered this next ring box from Ineses Wedding Gallery on Etsy as well. This ring box was rustic but had a cleaner and more classic feel. I wasn't sure which box we would use but when they both arrived I couldn't pick so I used them both! This ring box has a hinge as well and is much larger but has little padding inside the box to hold the rings in place. We had our wedding date and initials carved on the top and I was so pleased with the results. This only cost me $44.28 and that's including tax and shipping. I felt like both these ring boxes were affordable and absolutely beautiful. Shop this custom wood ring bearer box below by clicking on the shop box!

We worked with an incredible wedding planner at Graystone Quarry who handled almost everything for us so it was important for me to find little personalized touches that made it feel like I did something for our wedding. These ring boxes were so fun and special and I'm still using them today to hold my jewelry. The companies were really easy to work with and the products came fairly quick and exactly how I envisioned them. Hope this is helpful for you on your hunt for special findings to use on your magical wedding day!