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Happy Thursday! I'm sitting over here hoping we don't get hit hard by the storm that's suppose to roll in. I had a photo shoot set for today but we thought a tornado may take us away so we had to push the shoot we would survive the storm.... so dramatic over here. I'm wearing a Cloth & Stone button up & Citizens of Humanity Boyfriend Jeans

Okay, so first I wanted to share a special story about my hat before I share my denim finds. I loved this hat so very much. I honestly can't even remember where I got it from but I haven't found one like it that fits me since I parted with it. Anyway, when I was visiting the Philippines on a mission trip. We stayed in a village for a week and slept 5 of us in a clay room that may have been 300 square feet at most. I slept on a wooden bench in a sleeping bag and didn't shower for the week we were there other than swimming in the ocean to rinse off. Living this way puts everything into perspective. This is how everyone in this village lives. Usually about 6 family members per shack sleeping all together in one room covered only by some sort of tree leaves and wood. The families we met in the villages were so special. One of the families in particular stole my heart. A mother who was nursing a newborn and had at least 3 other children that we knew of, kept bothering me about my hat. The language barrier made it hard for me to understand what she wanted. It wasn't until she took my hat off on our last day there and put it on her head and started posing in the cutest way with her missing front tooth, barefoot, unwashed oily hair, torn up shirt and pants and that beautiful smile, that I understood she wanted to keep my hat. She couldn't have looked cutter. I let her have my hat and I never looked back until today while writing this. She then wanted my Thai pants that I was wearing, so of course I took them off and gave them to her. Nothing filled my heart more than being able to share my love for fashion all the way across the world in a small village in a third world country, that no one has probably ever heard of called La Jaja. These families have nothing, when I say nothing I truly mean that. She tried to take my sunglasses but I had to keep something to protect my face! Looking at how happy she was wearing a clean new hat and pants made me want to give her everything I came with. So I did. I kept enough to be able to leave clothed, knowing I was going to Thailand after this visit and fortunate enough to have money to buy myself something new. We have so much stuff here in America. I myself accumulate more things than I know what to do with, so one of my favorite things to do is give things away to people that they normally wouldn't be able to afford. It feel so good and nothing makes me smile bigger than when a person is smiling because they are given something they never thought they could have. This picture below is the woman I am talking about. She's wearing one of my Bird and Vine T's that I gave her. The picture below this one is of her with her with part of her family and my sister. This trip changed my life and I think about these special people every day. My brother and sister-in-law have gone back several times to visit them since.

Okay, so now we can jump into denim talk. I have all the pictures shown above with shop boxes below them made easy for you to purchase and here is how I feel about it all. My favorite denims right now and a spring scarf that I'm loving.

The first denim is the Citizens of Humanity boyfriend jean. Possibly my most favorite pair of jeans I own. They are a bit on the pricier side but a great pair of jeans are worth the money to me. These jeans are loose and still very fitted . I ended up buying them much smaller than normal so they would be more fitted than a real boyfriend jean because I don't like anything to be too baggy, we can leave the baggy for the boys. The more I wash these jeans, the better looking they get. Mine have gotten pretty distressed and are so soft now and I live in them. I had to put them aside for a while because I could no longer use the rubber band trick on my pregnant belly for these but the moment I get back to my normal size, these will be back on my body.

The denim top I'm wearing here is by Cloth & Stone and when I say this may be the softest button up I have ever worn, I mean that. This top is so cute and fits so wonderfully. I'm able to wear it pregnant, I just don't button it up right now. I love that the sleeves are not long. They stop just perfectly above my wrist to be able to wear a bunch of stack-able bracelets and show them off without rolling up the sleeve! I also found another more distressed looking top by Cloth & Stone that I added to this as well. See above.

My scarf is a nice lightweight spring scarf and it's a connected scarf so it wraps without you having to figure out what to do with the rest of it! A perfect circle. This light pink one in the picture above is under $15 and so cute on. Very spring and light enough to wear on a breezy summer evening as well.

I'm also in love with these much more affordable jeans from Target. They look so cute on and you could probably buy 7 or 8 pairs and still not hit the price of the Citizens jeans. They are a totally different fit. These are skinny jeans but have stretch in them. Have you visited Target's jean section yet? I have to admit, at first I had doubt about trying on jeans from Target, once I tried a pair on, I fell in love and became a fan. They look great and are very affordable.

I'm always on the hunt for cute denim because it's one thing I know will never go out of style and having a few go-to denim items in the wardrobe is a must! Hope you have a wonderful Thursday! I'm excited to share I'm going to be starting something called "Give Back Friday". Check back soon for more details on that!


My jeans: Citizens Of Humanity Boyfriend Jean

My top: Cloth and Stone

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