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Spring Stripes!

vanessa evigan

Happy Monday! We are finally back from The Masters and I'm happy to say, I have a whole new appreciation for golf. I loved this tournament for several reasons. It was so cool to see how the traditions have stayed the same for 4o years. The egg salad and pimento cheese sandwiches cost $1.25 and they don't allow a cell phone to get near the entrance. It was wonderful to look around and see people connecting and actually talking. Everyone had their heads UP unless they were reading the score or a paper of some sort. They had payphones and the bathroom lines were full of people talking instead of having their heads down in their phones. It was beautiful and I learned golf is a very difficult sport that is all about strategy, what sport isn't though?! Ha! I loved it.

I'm also really happy to be out of my "golf attire" and back into my comfy clothes. As fun as it was to dress up for the Masters, I missed feeling like myself. This stripe button down is from Free People and is so cute worn as a cover up with jeans and heels, or perfect for the beach buttoned up a little with a cute pair of shorts underneath. My jeans are maternity from A Pea In The Pod (see previous post for details) and my white clutch is Carly Jean Los Angeles (see in previous post) I've linked this top below. Hope you have a fantastic start to your week!!!


Shirt: Button down from Free People

Jeans: Luxe boyfriend maternity

Sunglasses: Warby Parker

Wallet/clutch: show in white, similar available here in black,