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Top Ten Mental & Physical Prep For Le Bébé

vanessa evigan

Sooooo pregnancy has started to KICK MY BUTT. It was almost too good to be true with no morning sickness and lots of energy! I'm preparing for Le Bébé over here and trying to keep as calm as possible, which for me is a serious work in progress! Getting my baby registry up has been top on the list and something I was dreading for some reason. With the help of many mommy friends, I feel very confident in my choices. I will share my favorites from my registry once I use some of the stuff and can really judge favorites. 

Everyone said "Are you reading everything to get ready?" Well, that stressed me out! My doctor was pretty adamant about me NOT reading all the books out there like "What To Expect When Expecting" because she said they focus too much on the negative when we should be in a positive and calm state while pregnant. I had bought "What To Expect When Expecting" the day my pregnancy test showed a plus sign. I must say it overwhelmed me just the size of it when it arrived so I was happy my doctor told me "no no no" to that one! She also told me not to google anything but just call the office with questions. The internet is full of over opinionated opinions from people who aren't doctors sharing their experience, which can be good at times, but I have been finding what has been best for me is asking moms that have been through this already and are similar to my personality for advice and asking my doctor. I try not to ask the moms who "LOVED" being pregnant for advice, because in complete honesty, that has not been my experience of pregnancy and their advice may not be as helpful.

Jumping back to my doctor, who I love and respect so much. She said in a very laid back voice, just read 'Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy' and call me with questions and concerns you may have along the way".  I was almost in shock when she said that but honestly it has been so helpful. Being that I'm "older" for having my first, I'm at the doctors more frequently than the average woman under 35 having a child, so that can feel comforting at times but naturally I am a tad more worried being a "higher risk." Not spending much time reading up on every negative thing that could possibly happen to me and my unborn child has been rather helpful. Instead, I'm cutting back on a few things I indulged on a bit too much while I was not pregnant, I'm exercising a few days a week instead of every day, and I have added a lot more greens and fruit to my diet. Life hasn't changed too much..... yet. I know that will come once our little man arrives but I am trying my hardest to maintain a pretty normal pregnancy with the exception of a few adjustments and added perks, like massages more frequently and a little more down time. I'm reading a book called 'Bringing Up Bébé' which I'm loving. I have dyslexia and ADD so it's very hard for me to get interested or finish any book, this book however is a gem. My doctor said it's a great book to read as well. It's about an American journalist who has a baby in Paris and didn't aspire to become a "French parent." While living in France, she then notices that French children sleep through the night at two or three months old. That last line had me sold on the book. Fantastic book. I'm reading it again because I don't retain information very well and there was a lot in this book that I wanted to remember. I highly commend this book. I wanted to share with you the top 10 super simple things I have been doing to help me on my pregnancy journey.

1. Watching comedies. Nothing more important than laughter while pregnant. You will be surprised what your hormones can do to you and how down you can get at times. The laughter is so important and something I forget to do when life gets busy and planning takes over.

2. Listening to relaxation music on repeat. Calms me down and takes my mind somewhere else. My top pic is Relaxation Radio on Pandora. It's free and it's awesome

3. Dancing! Put on some crazy gangster rap, a T Swift, Justin Bieber, or whatever song you prefer,  and dance alone in your bedroom with your little one like no one is watching. It will be your secret together! He or she will only feel it and you will be the only one who sees it! It feels amazing! I pull out moves NO ONE knows I have!

4. Lavender oil!  All over my body and my pillow at night and sometimes during the day. I use Young Living. Always ask your doctor if you can use certain things while pregnant but this has been a lifesaver for me. I mix it in with my belly butter at night. Really helps me sleep and calms me down.

5. Add a DHA Prenatal into your vitamin mix. Be sure to ask your doctor first. This has helped me with dryness and is so good for you and baby. My top choice is Prenatal DHA by Nordic Naturals. My doctor was happy I started on this, thanks to a dietitian friend in Los Angeles who said it was a must.

6. Massage! This has been a game changer for me. I have been getting a massage once a week or once ever two weeks. Find a place who offers prenatal massage. If money is an issue, make your man give you one. Or find a spot that has affordable massage. There are plenty out there. It's so important for your body and blood flow and your sanity.

7. Pamper your hands and feet! Get a mani and pedi more often because once baby comes.... you may not have the time, or energy!

8. Sharing where I am at with a woman who has been through pregnancy before. I think it's so important to have at least one woman in your life you can be real and honest with. I have been trying to keep my complaining to a minimum with husband and friends who aren't expecting. However we need an outlet and someone who understands. Find that one person!

9. Prenatal Yoga! Or any prenatal workout class. In Nashville I found a place called BLOOMA. I think I go more for moral support and to be around woman in my shoes or who have walked in my shoes. They offer classes and support during and after pregnancy. This has been so helpful.

10. Wear a pair of heels from time to time! (If you can swing it without falling over) I'm telling you, there is something about wearing heels that makes me feel so sexy and in control of my life. May sound funny. Heels may not be your thing, totally get it, #10 may not be for you, but I'm telling you I feel like a new woman with my heels on. My feet are swollen and fat and bigger than ever but I managed to find a pair of heels that my feet love being in! These Sam Edelman heels are my favorite. I was surprised I could get into them at this point but not complaining about it. My feet took about 4 hours in them and had no complaints!

I hope this little rundown made you laugh and helped you in some way!! Here are direct links to some of the things I talked about above. Happy hump day!



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