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Mom's Mother's Day Mug

vanessa evigan

Mom's are so special and creating a gift for Mother's Day should be fun and stress free. I have been really enjoying putting together little basket ideas for different moms in my life including my mother. My mom's will be extra big and extra special of course because I always have to overdue it for her. I wanted to share a fun, cute, and easy idea I put together with the help of Hallmark and Walmart and some other online shops! You can order everything in this picture on line (except your greeting cards) and make your life a lot easier! What's in my mom's mug?!


I found this mug for $5.99. It's a big fun mug that says "Best Mom Ever"! While scrolling around online after I had already bought this mug, I found and even better and prettier one HERE. This mug says Best Mom Ever just like mine but in a cuter color for the same price from Target!!!  Start with this large mug and stuff the back of it with pretty tissue paper so the paper sticks up and out! Whatever color is your moms favorite!


Stuffing the mug with the kisses!! I love Hershey Chocolate Kisses with almonds so much. The big bag costs $9.98. I could eat an entire big bag all to myself. The idea is to fill the entire mug with them so the gifts can sit on top and make a pretty display. Using the tissue paper behind it to look even prettier!


I filled my mug up with a few fun and special items that are girly and pampering for mom. My mom loves beauty products so I went with a beauty theme! Let me start with the Lash Boost by R+F. Now this may be a tad of a splurge at $150 but it's probably not something your mom is running out to buy but may dream of having. Who doesn't dream of long lashes? I have been using this stuff now for months and my lashes are LONG. Remind your mom she HAS to use it every day for at least 4 weeks before she sees growth. Next!  Urban Decay Sheer Shimmer in Whip is the lip color I chose for the mug. It's always fun to share a lip color that pretty much goes well on everyone's skin tone, one that my mom would probably never find herself. I love this color and use it as well. It's $17. Next I thought how sweet would it be to gift my mom the Gratitude oil by Young Living. To show my gratitude for my mamma! I know my mom loves essential oils but they are not something she ever buys for herself. This oil costs $34.54. I just love the idea of the Gratitude oil because it smells divine and I'm so grateful for my mother so the wording is perfect! Next! I thought it would be fun to add a lip pencil to go with the lipstick. One of my favorites is the Sephora Lip Pencil in 03 Rose Wine. It's $12 and a beautiful color!! It will go perfect on any skin tone and mix really well with the lip color. The last fun thing I added to the mug is a buffing emery board. My mom is always asking me "do you have an emery board?" when she sees me! I found a really cute light blue, grey, and white Smooth Operator Buffer board for $12 by Deborah Lippmann that mom can throw in her bag and leave there and never be without a file again! This one isn't as large and thick as the one in my picture.  I prefer the thinner buffer, that way it's easier to throw in a bag and not as bulky. You can also find a much cheaper one just as cute at Walmart or CVS but if you want a higher quality I'd stick with my choice!


Last but certainly not least, the greeting card. Greeting cards are my most favorite thing to receive during any important time in life. I love writing a special card to people and sharing what they mean to me. It's more important than any "thing" you can give someone and more meaningful. I have always leaned towards Hallmark cards no matter what the holiday is. I love everything Hallmark. I have been on the Hallmark channel in the past, I frequent the store in the mall, and I love the company and what they have created as a whole. They always have the best cards with the most beautiful writings. The Mother's Day Signature Cards are really fun and extra special. You will probably have to venture into either a Walmart or a Hallmark store to find your cards, but everything else you can order online! I found mine at Walmart. They had a massively large selection there and a wonderful Signature section as well.

To finish your Mom's Mug....  You will need some clear cellophane wrap to wrap the whole gift in!! I highly recommend this so nothing falls out and gets lost! Tie the top of the cellophane wrap with some pretty ribbon. My choice would be lace or burlap. I hope this Mom Mug idea has helped you get closer to figuring out what you are going to put together for your mom on her special day! Replace anything in the mug to fit your moms personality and interests!