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My Heavenly Fab Fit Fun Box!!

vanessa evigan

Ya'll...I just said Ya'll!!  So, I had no idea what a Fab Fit Fun Box was until recently. Let me start by saying I'm not getting paid, this is not an add, and I was not paid to talk about this box. I just love it. Here's the deal.... I'm one of those people who loves to try new things and I love surprises. If you're a Fab Fit member, every 3 months the most wonderful box of goodies shows up on your doorstep. The summer 2017 box is my fave! I'm in love with everything in this box. The highlighter by Cargo has become my new obsession and this amazing cover up by Michael Stars has gone everywhere with me recently. The yummy eye serum is wonderful, I love the SPF 50, I have been using it all over my neck and chest before I swim. The pink water bottle makes me so excited to hydrate myself, loving the Himalayan salt, and the necklace is so adorable. Everything in this box has gone to use already. I love the idea of trying new things and the cost is sooooo good! Each box is valued around $200 or more and you pay $49.99 four times a year. Don't worry I did the math, on my calculator because I'm terrible with numbers. Reminding you again, I am NOT getting paid to talk about this box nor will I make a dime if you become a member. I'm just so in love with this company and think they have come up with such a fun girly way to make ladies happy!!!! So here it is broken down, Winter, spring, summer, and fall, expect a Fab Fit Fun box to arrive at your door. Total yearly value is at least $800. You are paying $199.96 for the year and not all at once. Every season you would be charged $49.99. Just that Michael Stars wrap alone costs at least $50! That totally got me excited. I have a discount code MORNINGCOFFEE you can use and receive $10 off your first box! When I find a company I really like, I try to team up with them to offer my readers a fun discount and introduce you to something that may be new to you, that I LOVE! Hope you enjoy!