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My Special Engraved Bangle To My Son From Evermore Co

vanessa evigan

If there is one thing I can say that continues to make me happy about Nashville, it's the community of woman I'm meeting here. I feel like I'm constantly shocked by the kindness and support I've received since moving here. Between the Nashville blog community, and the woman I'm meeting who have started their own businesses, I'm in awe of the love and support everyone shows towards each other daily.

Not long ago a woman named Ann who started a company called Evermore Co reached out to me through Instagram. We met for coffee and I knew immidiatly she was salt of the Earth. We talked about designing a special gold bangle with my sons innitals and I was so excited to begin the process.

Not only did I fall in love with Ann's heart the day we sat down for coffee,  I fell in love with the story behind why she started this company. 60 years ago Ann's Grandfather gave her Grandmother a simple gold bangle for their wedding anniversary. After her Grandmother passed away, her Grandfather gifted bangles to his five grandchildren to keep the tradition alive. Ann started Evermore Co and handcrafts the bangles right here in Nashville.

And so I begin my collection of Evermore Co bangles to keep the tradition going for myself and my family. I love the idea of a bangle per child or every wedding anniversary adding a beautiful bangle with a word to represent that year. My first bangle has MAM initialed on it because our soon to be born sons name starts with an M and his middle name starts with an M as well, to follow with our last name A for Adcox! We chose to put the A in the center to separate the two M's. Ann designs beautiful simple rings as well that can be stacked. Those are next on my list.

Bangles have always been my favorite pieces of jewelry and having my sons initials close to me all day long keeps me smiling. This bangle goes perfect with my stack that I have had for over 13 years. It's funny, a month ago someone asked me where I got my rose gold and gold bangles. I had gotten them downtown in Los Angeles at the jewelry district so I wouldn't have to pay and arm and a leg. I was trying to find bangles like them that I loved as much as the ones I wear in solid gold and half way decent in price and I couldn't find any. When Ann reached out to me, I couldn't believe it. Her bangles are exactly what I had been looking for. She is so wonderful to work with and loves what she does and that love shines through in her work! This pic below is a close up of what some of the initials can look like! If you shop her store be sure to use this discount code FREESHIP17 for free shipping on your first order.