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Cuddle + Kind

vanessa evigan

As most of you know, I love working with one-for-one companies. Or any charitable company for that matter. Cuddle + Kind dolls feed 10 children for every one doll sold. Can you imagine for just $48 dollars you can feed 10 children? That blows my mind. Each doll runs between $48 - $68 and all the dolls are handcrafted in Peru, fair trade. These dolls are non- toxic, safe, and adorable. It's really important to my husband and I that we teach our son how lucky he is from a very young age. We want to educate him on the world and show him the importance of giving back. I know he can't understand yet, but planting the seed early on is important to us. We are happy to be working with Cuddle + Kind to make a difference in children's lives.


I am in love with the family who started this cause. They are a family of 5 on a mission to help feed children in need. What's not to love about a family who is dedicating their life to helping others in need! I love that the woman who craft these dolls in Peru have jobs now thanks to this incredible family. Their goal is to feed one million meals a year. How amazing is that?? That literally sets my heart on fire. How adorable are they? They beam with light and that makes me so happy that I have the chance to spread the word about their amazing company.

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I hope you will take a moment to visit their site HERE and buy one of their cuddle dolls for your child or a friend! This would make a perfect baby shower gift. What a beautiful story to tell a child once they are old enough to understand,  that this doll we hold together fed 10 children in need and gave work to woman in Peru who wouldn't have had work otherwise. I just melted in half thinking about it all!  Cheers!