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The Owlet Smart Sock 2

vanessa evigan

So it's been almost 4 weeks since Maverick was born and life couldn't feel better. That little bundle of joy brings more wrinkles to my face every day. I have never felt more love and more fear in my entire life. I have been told my fears are normal "new mother" fears! Knowing I am responsible for this beautiufl new life is both exciting and mildly terrifying. The fear of "is he still breathing" would be my biggest fear. I check on him every 3 minutes but better to be safe than sorry. We are finally getting use to all his little sounds he makes through out the night that were keeping us up the first few weeks. I'm sure once we are totally use to them, he will have a whole new set of sounds as he gets older that we will learn. He is sleeping next to us in his little Halo bassinet right now but there will be some point when we have to show him to his crib (insert me crying).


The Owlet Smart Sock baby monitor is incredible. This little monitor is worn on his foot and can stay on all day if I wanted it to. Night time is probably the time we will use this the most but during the day while he sleeps and I work around the house, it's nice to have it on him to make sure he is still breathing. A normal baby monitor is great but it doesn't provide you with insight on what is going on inside your baby. The Smart Sock uses proven technology (pulse oximetry) to track your infants heart rate and oxygen levels from the comfort of your own home! The monitor also has an app you get on your phone that alerts you if your child's heart rate is dropping. The sock is soft, simple, and secure and our little guy doesn't even notice it's on him. 

If I can help save even one life by suggesting this sock, I would feel like I made a difference. Sudden Infant death Syndrome is horrible. I remember when I was 17 years old, I had a friend in school who lost a sibling to SIDS. I will never forget it and it's my biggest fear now that I have a child.

I have teamed up with my friend Ashley Wilson from www.Beauandarrownashville.com to help her friend raise money for their son baby Kipp who tragically passed away recently from SIDS. Owlet is currently matching funds raised. You can visit the link HERE to donate and learn about sweet baby Kipp's fund.

The only report I have heard negative on this monitor is that there have been some false alarms. Now, that would give me a minor heart attack for sure, but I rather a false alarm and freak out than my child stop breathing and me not know.

Get your Owlet Smart Sock here!!