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Maverick is our first child so of course we can't get enough pictures of him and are in constant awe of him every day. It's amazing how much he is changing and we want to keep documenting those changes.  I'm sure we will be like this with all our kids. I have always loved the famous Anne Getty photos. I had her books growing up and always imagined I would have my children take pictures similar when the time would come. Once we had Maverick I was on a quick mission to find someone in our area who took adorable infant pictures that had a similar feel to Anne Getty photos. I was so happy to have found June Star Photography.

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Maverick was just about 9 days young when we did our photo shoot with Heather who is the photographer and owner of June Star Photography. I was so nervous because it was one of my first days out of the house with him. Heather sent us a very thorough email on what to expect and how the shoot would go. I was anxious that morning trying to figure out as a new mom how to get him sleepy before the shoot since it's easiest to work with an infant when they are sleeping.

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When we arrived at the studio I was still anxious but excited. The studio is located in Franklin, Tennessee in a small, cozy, rustic, and adorable space. It has high ceilings with pretty fabrics, hats, clothing, and toys from floor to ceiling. She uses all her own materials for the shoot so you don't have to stress about bringing anything. Heather's studio is located upstairs from a cool little home goods shop which came in handy once we had been there for a few hours and I needed a little break. My husband was with me, so we were able to switch off during the photo shoot. Heather likes for there to only be two people at the shoot because the space is small and the less people the more calm the setting. The room is heated to about 85 degrees since that is similar to the temperature when the baby is in the womb! I didn't really think it would be that hot but it was, so I suggest wearing clothes that are light and bringing a cold drink. There is a spot to grab a bite to eat near by and a tea but bring a cold drink to hold you over, trust me you will want it!!

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Heather was wonderful. Her energy is very calm and she is great with babies. She is a mother of two so she knows what she is doing! She was very patient with us as well. Maverick was not sleepy when we got there and didn't want to sleep for most of the shoot so we didn't really start to get our shots until about two hours into the shoot. That made me even more anxious and apologetic but Heather wasn't bothered at all by this. She blocks enough time out so she can really take her time. Once he got sleepy, Heather was able to get the beautiful shots I had hoped she would be able to get. I breast fed him every hour to get him calm and sleepy and give him small breaks. I was so amazed with her setup. She uses comfy pillows and all sorts of things under blankets to prop the babies up and get them right where she needs them.

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Pictures are such a huge part of our lives and I am so thankful to have found Heather with June Star Photography. Our experience was wonderful and I hope to get back there in about six months to do another shoot with her. I had looked into a lot of photographers in Nashville and she was by far my most favorite. I can't say enough good things about her and I highly recommend her. I like to add that Heather did not pay me to post about her and I paid full price for our photo shoot so this is not a paid advertisement. I love sharing about my experiences with companies when I am happy with the outcome, and I really love supporting small businesses like June Star. Visit her site HERE to learn more about how you can set up a shoot with her.

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