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Valentines Day Anyone?

vanessa evigan

Flowers? Jewelry? Candy? Pampering products? Valentines Day anyone??


This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx.com on behalf of Simply Summer's Eve.

I use to be the girl who insisted on date night, hoped for flowers and a great gift but never made a stink about it, and always got dressed up to the T for Valentines day. That has changed a lot over the last few years and even more so now that I'm a mom. I would much rather grab a really nice bottle of red wine and chill on the couch with some fantastic takeout and binge watch our favorite show.


Summer's Eve recently conducted a survey on how woman really feel about Valentines day. This survey was conducted by Wakefield Research. They interview 1000 woman 18 years and older. Did you know that survey results found that 62% of woman view getting intimate as a priority on Valentines Day? Millennial's (74%), are especially eager to get it on, compared to older generations. So glad I'm of the older generation (insert laugh cry face). When it comes to the great debate of going out or staying in, a majority of woman (58%) would rather skip the crowds and spend Valentines Day at home chilling out rather than on an extravagant date.


I must say I do love to feel pretty and fresh regardless if I'm home or out and I will be freshening up with my favorite Summer's Eve products, doing my hair and makeup so I look pretty for my husband, and getting out of my pj's but I will most likely be spending the Hallmark Holiday at home in the arms of my husbs and hanging with our little bundle of love, and our dog Dakota. If my husband could give me the perfect gift aside from more diamonds (kidding, kinda) that would include a spa day or anything relaxing along with a bunch of fun pampering products for me to try once our son has gone to bed!

I have been using Summer's Eve products since I was 15 and learned I couldn't use just any soap. I needed a good PH soap because I'm allergic to EVERYTHING. Their products are free from dyes, alcohol, and parabeans, for a gentle clean. They have both cloths and cleansers! I love their cloths for traveling!! I'm excited to share that they have a fantastic promotion running at the moment but you need to act fast because it ends tomorrow!! If you purchase any 2 Summer's Eve products, get a FREE beauty treatment or Fitness Experience. Find out more about the special offer by clicking HERE. This may include but is not limited to manicure, pedicure, blowout, hair style, haircut, yoga, gym class, pilates class, nutritional consultation, Zumba class, or personal training!!


If you are in a jam and forgot Valentine's Day is only two days away, this could be a cute basket idea along with the gift of pampering!!