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My First Motherhood Podcast!

vanessa evigan

It was an honor and a privilege to have the opportunity to share my birth story on the Motherbirth podcast . This is my first podcast speaking on motherhood where I share my birth story in more detail, my struggle with gestational diabetes, postpardum depression, and why working with a Doula was life changing for us.


I loved being interviewed for this podcast and sharing more on where I'm at postpartum and what I went through during my pregnancy and what my birth was like. My hope is that if you are pregnant, a new mother, or even a mom of three and looking to connect and relate with where you're at in your pregnancy or postpartum, that you find something in my podcast interview that does just that.


I'm not a health professional just sharing my experience. I wanted to personally thank Mellisa Reeves and Laura Rice who are the co-founders of Motherbirth Podcast for having me on the show. It was such a pleasure to chat with you ladies and thank you Betsy Miller for connecting me with these gals and for being such a rock in my life since the day I met you.

You can find listen to my podcast interview HERE

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My healthy boy Maverick is just about to turn 7 moths! I'm thankful every single day for him and would do it all over tomorrow.

The book I mention in my podcast interview on Gestational Diabetes is called Real Food For Gestational Diabetes. If you have gestational diabetes and are looking for some good recipes you can visit an older blog post of mine HERE or my gestational diabetes recipe board on Pinterest HERE!!

I shared a little bit about Onsite Workshops at the end of my interview. If you are interested in finding out more about what they have to offer you can do so HERE.

The last thing I will say is if you think you may be depressed and are suffering from postpartum depression, you are not alone. This is such a common thing that so many woman let go untreated and miss out on joy with their children because of it.  Please don't ever feel shame in asking for help. There are so many different ways you can seek help. Finding a good healthcare provider who can direct you to someone you can talk with could really help where you are at!

Sending you lots of love and thank you for reading and listening!