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Best Weekender Bag Ever!

vanessa evigan

Happy Monday! I hope you enjoyed the weekend and got some much needed rest!

I wanted to share with you this incredible overnight bag that I recently found. I have been searching for a bag I can use to bring on quick trips. I realized on my California trip as much as I loved having the extra space using two bags was a pain in the ass.


This bag by Birdling is wonderful. It was very well thought out. Most bags that would fall into the category of a duffel bag feel like a big black hole where nothing is ever to be found and everything gets mixed up. Not this bag! I love how there are several different compartments and more pockets than I know what to do with, and that is a good problem to have! I took a few pics of the inside of this bag to give you an idea of what I'm talking about.


Aside from all the pockets inside and out, this bag is durable. I feel like I could toss this bag around, throw it in the dirt, get it wet, and it would still hold up. I went with a darker color the washed charcoal weekender because I like to hid dirt and God knows between my husband and my son, this bag is going to get dirty!


Needless to say, this bag is epic. I'm so excited to finally have a bag that I can use and toss out all of my other over night bags because this one is perfect! I also love my essential kit that I can keep my makeup and toiletry's in. This little bag has amazing compartments as well and what I really love is that I can put makeup on one side and toiletry's on the other side and they wont interfere with each other because the bag is big enough!

If you are in the market for a new over night bag, I highly recommend this one!

Have a great week!







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