Her Morning Coffee

Famous Footwear!

vanessa evigan

So excited to share my love for Famous Footwear with you!


I’m not big on New Years resolutions because I tend to break them and get upset with myself. I do however set goals! Two goals this year are to exercise more and budget my shopping a little better. Let’s see how that goes! I’m thrilled to have teamed up with Famous Footwear , a company that makes shopping for shoes fun and easy.


I have stepped up to the challenge this New Year in my new woman’s athletic Nike shoes and I’m ready to take on my goals! Finding cute shoes at low prices is a must for the New Years budget that I've I’m put myself on. Wait, did I mention they even have an app?!! Yup! You know I’m all about a great shopping app.


Find all the newest trends and current styles with Famous Footwear for woman, men, and kids. I love the Nike sneakers I got through their site, it’s been a while since I shopped for exercise shoes so I was a bit clueless on where to start. These were affordable and easy to find making my job much easier when it came to making a decision. If your looking for cute and affordable shoes Famous Footwear is the place for you! 


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