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The Greatest Day Planner on Earth!

vanessa eviganComment

The Day Designer by Whitney English

I have found the greatest day planner of all time!

Call me old fashion but I like to mark it down in ink. I do love technology and think that phones are rather handy but I prefer to write my life down on paper so I can see it and then turn the page. This day planner has been a game changer for me. Not only is it beautiful and girly and so much fun, it's perfectly designed to help get your life in order. I have pretty bad attention deffest disorder so I tend to get overwhelmed by scheduling and my Iphone is wonderful since I can talk to people in other countries but the calendar on the other hand doesn't work for me so much. 

There are so many pretty colors and designs to choose from and I love that each day has a special inspirational quote on it. My most favorite part about the Day Designer is I love the woman who created it. Her name is Whitney English and she sure is a special human. I'm very grateful for her and what she has created. She's an inspirational human and so beautiful inside and out. See more about Whitney and by visiting her website and find how you can grab yourself the perfect Day Designer for you!  Click the pic below to visit The Day Designer!