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Oh hey Sunday, you came fast didn't you? I'm trying to get a jump start on May over here, writing the month down in advance which is so unlike me.  One thing you may or may not know about me depending on how well you know me, I'm a complete scatter brain, creative, non-planning, unorganized, dreamer. Add baby brain to that and I'm useless. I find it very hard to keep things in order these days and find myself forgetting about events, parties, and work all the time, especially now that I'm pregnant. Baby brain is no joke and the struggle is REAL.  I'm old fashion in the sense that I don't love to use my iphone for my calendar, even though that is exactly what I have been using since it's all I have. I can't seem to get anywhere on time and I'm missing events and I don't want to blame it entirely on my phone, but I don't like the way the ical is set up!! Am I the only person who finds it so difficult to see my appointments on that dang thing? And every time I go to look at my calendar on my phone, I'm distracted by something like a text, an email, or Instagram calls my name!!

I have got to get it together, especially since I have a baby on the way. I have these nightmare visions of not having a clue where my child is or where he's suppose to be going. I haven't been real good at writing things down in the past, I'm finding if I don't write it down, it don't happen! Not good especially if I'm trying to "adult" over here.

The Erin Condren LifePlanner™ has become a saving grace for me and I'm not even with child yet. I'm able to write down my upcoming appointments on something I actually want to look at. Her Life planners are so beautiful and perfect for my creative mind. I love that you can personalize the front cover with your name.  I have all her fun pen colors, stickers, and tiny post-it notes to help make life planning fun, pretty, and easy to read!

Not only do I LOVE this company, I had the pleasure of meeting Erin recently at a blogging event for the LifePlanner™ and she couldn't have been more down to Earth and sweet. I love supporting woman who are kind, loving people and doing great things for our world and that is who Erin is and what she is doing. I have teamed up with Erin to offer you a 15% discount valid through July 31, 2017! How awesome is that?! Just use the code GETSOCIAL15 at checkout! Visit the link below to shop her products and grab a Erin Condren LifePlanner™ ! I'm LOVING mine and I know you will love yours too!