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Finding a hair style for your wedding can be real tricky. You will be looking at your wedding pictures for the rest of your life, and don't want to have regrets when the pictures come back and you think of all the other styles you wish you would have picked. I had a few small things to keep in consideration when picking a style. The tattoo dilemma. I have a tattoo on my neck that sadly I don't like at all. I wanted to hide it without having to use makeup. Then I had to deal with a small, not so terrible issue of having long hair, and trying to keep the back of my dress exposed but still hiding the permanent mistake on my neck. (Think long and hard before getting a tattoo friends)

Thankfully my sister-in-law Victoria Evigan, who is a master at hair & makup, was able to create this beautiful and romantic look for me. It's soft curly waves with flowers and a sorta messy pulled together look felt perfect for my personality and the dress. I had shown Victoria a picture of something I liked and she hit it on the nose. We didn't even do a trial run which at first I was a little worried about but living in Nashville and Victoria in Los Angeles, a trial was nearly impossible.  The day of the wedding, she sat me in her chair and started working her magic. I had confidence in her from the start and was so excited and blown away by how she knew exactly what do do. When she finished, I was almost in tears I was so happy. Then she started my makeup! We went for a light, natural look with a light smokey eye. Once my makeup was on I finally felt like the bride. It was a wonderful experience and a beautiful day. If you are in need of someone to do your hair and makeup for your wedding I strongly suggest Victoria and not just because she's my sister-in-law, because she is fun and loving and will create what you are dreaming up and maybe even better! Check out her new hair Instagram page for bookings @Victoriaeviganhair