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Free People is my Jam

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When you want to stay warm but still look cute....

Ya, that can be tough! I find so often it's either comfy and not cute or dressed up and not comfortable.  Not anymore folks! That's what I'm here for. We do not need to look bad while we hang in lounge clothing. 

I'm so in love with this Free People sweater because not only is it warm on it's own, I can throw a thick long sleeve under it and I don't feel like a snowman who can't move their arms! I was in 40 degree weather in this and didn't feel like I was dying from the cold. Although a cute jacket would have been even warmer. Say hi to our dog Dakota by the way! She's a rock star. Anyway, this sweater is affordable and in the spring can be worn over a tank with a pair of lacy shorts and knee high boots to give it a whole new look (See Outfits for more ways to wear this sweater).

These Vince Camuto boots have been my go-to boots all winter. I have mentioned them before in previous posts. I have them in all colors because they are SO COMFY and not crazy expensive. I walked a mile the other day in them because I forgot my sneakers and my feet didn't hurt at all. They're also very flattering on the leg with a cute pair of skinny jeans tucked in. I find they elongate my legs (which tend to run on the shorter more muscular side) very flattering. Click on the picture above to find the boots and on the first two pictures above to get your Free People sweater today, or one like it. They always have great sweater options at Free People.